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India Dupriez releases an emotional breakup tune, entitled, “Ghost”

India Dupriez is an 18-year-old singer-songwriter from Australia. She released an emotional breakup tune not too long ago, entitled, “Ghost.”

India Dupriez – “Ghost” single

“Just got a call from your mother, you’re seeing someone else; she thinks you’re missing out. Just got a drink with your father, I don’t know how to say this, he said he isn’t proud. Maybe only one of us was ready, but, baby, you let me down. You say I like taking it to the extreme, so you’re gonna feel it now. Wait till I snap then I’m a ghost. Yeah, you see me everywhere that you go and I love that I’m the one you hate the most.” – lyrics

‘Ghost is the confidence one receives when they realize they are the best that their past partners ever had and will ever get. It’s the lingering impact that your energy and presence hold over a person everywhere they go and they try to subconsciously find you in everyone they meet. The melody came to India one night when a previous part of her life—her ex—admitted that he never really got over her. This song inspires confidence and growth when things aren’t the best in your life. ‘Ghost’ is accepting who you are and ultimately putting your best foot forward at the end of the day. A fun, summer breakup song to scream in the car with your friends.

“I know that you think that you let it go but my ghost will never leave you alone.”

India Dupriez press photo

“‘Ghost’ for me is the confidence you get when you realize you were the best someone ever had. They see everything they could have had and everything they want with you wherever they go. When you realize that you are irreplaceable and your impact sticks and DOESNT go away.” – India Dupriez explained

India Dupriez is riding a steep trajectory to become a major name in pop music. Her unique voice allows her to blend and transcend genres, establishing a style that’s uniquely her own. Generally a pop artist, India has the versatility to create a sound that’s sometimes melodic and catchy, and other times, cool and vibey. With a grounding in singing at open mics, busking, and community performance around the Gold Coast, India has become a regular fixture in Australia’s music scene.

Courted by her current representation, Los Angeles-based Symba Music Group, India traveled to California for the first time to write and record original music with big-name producers like Chizzy Stephens (Justin Bieber) and Kyle Moorman (“Walk Me Home” by P!nk).

“Ghost” single

India Dupriez - “Ghost” song cover art

India continues to develop her live repertoire around her local Gold Coast. It’s surprising this enchanting songbird commenced her journey only 18 months ago. And in that time she has competed in eisteddfods – winning first and second places and countless accolades (and now a strong following). With her voice, she hopes she can inspire other young artists to believe in themselves, be courageous, and never give up on their dreams.

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