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Ina Forsman releases a sensational soul single, entitled, “Love Me”

Ina Forsman is a Finnish singer-songwriter, producer, and composer based in Berlin, Germany. Not too long ago, she released a sensational soul single, entitled, “Love Me,” via Jazzhaus Records.

Ina Forsman – “Love Me” single

“Hey, baby, if I’m being honest, I’ve been getting real tired of people around me. No inspiration, no fire. Hey, baby, if I could be the truest form of myself, I would kiss you out loud. Never turn around, never worry what comes next. The way your body moves, I never want this night to be over. A believer in the night, as your soul rushes over mine, I bet that you could show me.” – lyrics

‘Love Me’ tells a wonderful tale about a young woman who shares a loving relationship with her significant other. Apparently, she believes her partner’s love is all she needs. Therefore, she doesn’t deem it necessary to be loved by anyone else anymore. Later, she asks her partner, “Does it feel any different to be around someone who will never let you down? Hey, baby, I bet you’re the only one who could make forever feel like it’s nowhere near enough.”

‘Love Me’ is a classic love song that captures the feeling of saying, “I love you” for the first time. The likable tune contains an upbeat rhythm and old-fashioned arrangements that will make listeners move their feet. But the composition’s blue mood will make their hearts race. In the best way possible, the song is an emotional rollercoaster.

“I bet that you could move me till my feet can’t touch the floor.”

Ina Forsman - Love Me - song cover art

“This song is about the moment when you’re absolutely convinced that nothing can go wrong. It’s the most intense moment in a relationship. Regardless of how the relationship develops, the world is in perfect balance in that tiny moment when you say so and are said back by the other person.” – Ina Forsman explained 

‘Love Me’ follows on the heels of the previously released singles including “Poor Heart” and “Don’t Lose Today.” Also, “Love Me” serves as a tasty appetizer to what listeners can expect to hear on Ina Forsman’s upcoming album, entitled, “All There Is,” set to be released on June 24, 2022.

Ina Forsman – “All There Is” album

Ina Forsman - All There Is Album Cover

“I strive to create melodies that are as organic and soulful as possible. For the first time, I composed all the music for the upcoming album. I had no other choice due to the pandemic. I wrote the lyrics and my vocal melody for my earlier albums, but left it up to the other musicians to write their parts around them. For this album, I had to do everything myself. Besides producing my own demos, I also learned to play the piano and developed some of the arrangements for horns and backup vocals. Writing all the material for this album was a challenge, but along the way, I discovered what kind of music suits me.” – Ina Forsman explained

Throughout “All There Is,” Ina Forsman maintains those earlier influences while coming into her own. The project is rooted in the romantic aura of the 1960s, a sound that makes no secret of Ina’s commitment to old-school soul and jazz. Ina was inspired by the era’s romantic songs that had a cinematic flair, so she chose to stick with a concept she calls “cinematic soul.” Her powerful presence on each track gives “All There Is” a contemporary perspective on the sixties and seventies.

Ina Forsman

Ina Forsman press photo

“This kind of music makes the emotions so vivid that you can almost touch them. It’s something I appreciate in music and other artists, to hear and feel those emotions and the authenticity of it all when it doesn’t sound forced or too planned.” – Ina Forsman stated

Ina Forsman’s musical influences include Etta James and Christina Aguilera. As any skilled storyteller would, Ina’s songs are always vehicles for her characters. With her expressive, honey-burnt voice, Ina has performed her repertoire of self-written songs on both sides of the Atlantic. Her musical palette encompasses soul, blues, jazz, and R&B.

Since releasing her sophomore album, “Been Meaning to Tell You,” Ina has made many life-changing decisions. In 2019, she left her hometown of Helsinki to start a new life in Berlin. The year before the pandemic, she played around 100 shows across Europe, including dates on the Blues Caravan tour. Ina then made a bucket list appearance at Finland’s most renowned and popular festival, Pori Jazz, where she was joined by headliners, Toto, and one of her musical idols, Christina Aguilera.

Ina Forsman

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“This pandemic has made me realize that I am a live performer first and foremost – that’s what I want to do for the rest of my life. My dream is to sing somewhere, on stage with the band, with other musicians, even if I don’t release new music. Therefore, I hope to get to that as soon as possible.” – Ina Forsman stated

Ina enjoys being in the studio, but she loves performing live. Now, she has her sights set on returning to the stage in 2022, when she will perform at venues such as Leverkusener Jazztage, following a successful second half of 2021.

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