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ILIRA releases a lyric video for her “GET OFF MY D!CK” single

ILIRA is a rising Kosovo-Albanian singer-songwriter. Not too long ago, she released a lyric video for her second single, entitled, “GET OFF MY D!CK”, produced by London-based hitmaker Bhav.


“Medicine, lime, and gin. I’m never listening, happy pills kicking in. I love to be living in sin. Start a fight, got my pride, touch me and I’m gonna bite. You better hide ‘cause I got a big appetite.” – lyrics

‘GET OFF MY D!CK’ is a confident declaration of self-empowerment, and a rebellious rallying cry for anyone who is sick and tired of being a people pleaser. Also, the chirpy tune highlights ILIRA’s feistiness and reasserts her pop royalty status while encouraging listeners to wag their middle fingers while dancing and screaming their lungs out.

‘GET OFF MY D!CK’ contains a dreamy storyline, abounding four-octave vocals, and bouncy instrumentation flavored with commercial pop, electric, and modern dance elements.


ILIRA press photo

ILIRA was raised in a small Swiss town, where she struggled to find her place in an environment with clashing cultures. During that time, she began her musical journey by performing on live stages in various talent shows on Albanian and Swiss TV. Also, she wrote songs to beats purchased online and posted audio clips of her created songs to Instagram.

Later, she received her big break in Berlin, where she was snatched by Sony Music Germany. Shortly afterward, she started penning catchy pop tracks in Los Angeles and London. Currently, she is signed to FOUR/Sony Music, and her musical influences range from Nirvana to Rihanna.  


ILIRA - “GET OFF MY D!CK” artwork

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