Hurri Haran press photo
Photo by Rowmel Findley

Listen to Hurri Haran’s “On & On” Single: An Ode to Staying Loyal

Hurri Haran (@hurriharan) is a rapper of Trinidadian descent from Brooklyn, New York. Not too long ago, he released a music video for his “On & On” single released in celebration of Hurri’s newly signed deal with Arista Records.

Hurri Haran – “On & On” music video

“You’re in the club, these nig^^as here, they in your ear, and I can tell you’re dozing off. Off we go, we disappeared ’cause they was weird, and I know how to turn you on. On & On & On & On, we talk for days. I’ll make it clear, you’re the only one, one on one, the only one, so, hold on tight because the story has just begun.” – lyrics

“On & On” contains a relationship-based narrative and tuneful rap melodies that will resonate well with Lil Durk, Gunna, and J’calm supporters. The song is an ode to staying loyal and features Hurri Haran’s signature flow.

Haran explained, “‘On & On’ is a song I made for listeners in relationships to have something to resonate with in situations where they have the person they want, but see another person trying to pursue them. It’s really about being happy with your partner and trusting them.”

“These women acting like they know me”

Hurri Haran press photo
Photo by Rowmel Findley

Picture New York City on a sunny day. Friends kick it on stoops, and countless pedestrians canvas the sidewalks until well after sunset. Zoom into Brooklyn, and you might catch Hurri Haran outside inspired, smiling, and surrounded by homies. The energy of the community’s creative undercurrent surges through his breezy hybrid of hip-hop and R&B.

Hurri grew up in East New York. His parents originally hailed from The Big Apple and his father from Trinidad descent. The entire family treasured music, playing everything from Trinidadian artists Calypso Rose and Kerwin Du Bois to iconic rappers The Notorious B.I.G. and JAY-Z.

Hurri Haran

Hurri Haran press photo
Photo by Rowmel Findley

Haran’s father frequently DJ’ed parties and events, so Haran would watch him practice in the living room for hours on end. In high school, he recorded in a friend’s studio for the first time and opted to devote as much time as possible to his music. Uploading tracks online, he gained traction with the likes of “Saint’s Row” [feat. Tae Mackk] and “Seven Seas.” However, “Beyonce” caught fire in the summer of 2023.

Hurri Haran – “Beyonce” (Official Visualizer)

In the wake of his “Beyonce” single, Haran landed a deal with Arista Records. Since then, his light is shining even more brighter than ever before.

Hurri Haran – “On & On” single

Hurri Haran On & On cover

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