Hunter Reece

Hunter Reece releases a lyric video for his “Pearly Whites” single

Hunter Reece is a Pop/R&B artist from Los Angeles, California. Not too long ago, he released a lyric video for his “Pearly Whites” single.

Hunter Reece – “Pearly Whites”

“Take me to hell with your pearly whites. A smile that can kill and she on tonight. Looking so good I gotta try it. Guess I never learned not to play with fire. I don’t want no lines. Keep it a 100 tonight.” – lyrics

‘Pearly Whites’ contains a relatable storyline, soft vocals, and an energetic instrumentation oozing with pop appeal. Also, the video features a MeMoji of Hunter Reece.

Hunter Reece

Hunter Reece + Pearly Whites

“‘Pearly Whites’ is about that perfect smile, the one that breaks down walls. The one you fall for instantly. This new track is a fun pop song as ready for sun-soaked beach days, as it is perfect for backyard BBQ’s. The vocal melody swims over a bed of filtered guitar that feels beautifully free and weightless. Overall, ‘Pearly Whites’ feels like a mouthful of pop rocks.” – Hunter Reece

We recommend adding Hunter Reece’s “Pearly Whites” single to your personal playlist.

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