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Hope Tala releases a bittersweet R&B tune, entitled, “D.T.M.”

Hope Tala is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter from West London, England. Not too long ago, she released a bittersweet contemporary R&B tune, entitled, “D.T.M.”.

Hope Tala – “D.T.M.” single

“Don’t tell me I’m too harsh for you. Don’t tell me that you never see me cry. Goodbye, I wept when we said goodbye. Don’t tell me that I’m mean to you. Don’t ask me how I can be so cruel. Stop playing the fool. You know it hurts me too.” – lyrics

‘D.T.M.’ tells an interesting tale of a young woman who expresses to her ex-beau that she’s also hurting inside after their emotional breakup.

Apparently, not too long ago, the former lovebirds lost their loving way to prosperity. During their problematic journey, their bliss was destroyed and agony replaced their joy.

Even though their relationship ended on a bad note, the woman suggests that they can still remain friends.  

‘D.T.M.’ contains a relatable storyline and dreamy vocals. Also, the likable tune possesses summery instrumentation flavored with acoustic guitar chords and a tropical R&B rhythm, almost like a Brazilian bossa nova shuffle.

Hope Tala – “D.T.M.” single

Hope Tala - “D.T.M.” cover photo

“The person who initiates ending a relationship often gets accused of not feeling anything—of being insensitive and heartless. I wrote this song from the point of view of that person asserting their own sorrow and sensitivity about a relationship ending.” – Hope Tala

‘D.T.M.’ is the second single released from Hope Tala’s upcoming sophomore EP.

Also, the first single from the anticipated project, “Lovestained”, has amassed over 600,000 streams online.

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