Hayley Mary press photo at The Lord Gladstone

Hayley Mary releases a music video for her “Would You Throw A Diamond?” single

Hayley Mary (best known as the frontwoman of The Jezabel) is a pop star from Australia. Not too long ago, she released a music video for her “Would You Throw A Diamond?” single.

Hayley Mary – “Would You Throw A Diamond?” video

“Pretty much everything that appears in the video is pre-loved or pre-lived in or a little dilapidated, but beautiful. Lucy Knox, the director even had a pile of old film lying around at her house, which we used. Due to the limited amount we had, we couldn’t overshoot and I found it very liberating having the limitation that film provided. A kind of thriftiness permeated the whole process which felt very in line with the spirit of the song.” – Hayley Mary explained

‘Would You Throw A Diamond?’ is an ode to all the songs that almost didn’t make it. The feverish tune contains a relatable narrative, ear-pleasing vocals, and tuneful melodies that will resonate well with fans of Alanis Morissette, Cyndi Lauper, and Fiona Apple. Also, the song possesses explosive instrumentation flavored with alternative-rock, ‘90s grunge, and vintage rock ‘n’ roll elements. Furthermore, “Would You Throw A Diamond?” follows hot on the heels of Hayley Mary’s previously released singles, entitled, “The Chain” and “The Chain [Nude version].”

“You’re like a diamond in the dirt but I love you all the same.”

Hayley Mary - “Would You Throw A Diamond?” cover

“‘Would You Throw A Diamond?’ started as an old idea of my boyfriend Johnny’s that he had all but thrown out. He asked if I wanted to sing it and I could see it was a proper diamond in the dirt that just needed brushing off and shining up. Because of the way the song came about, and the meaning behind it being about things first before you throw out an old idea. It made sense to play around with my love of old clothes and objects for the video. My dad brought me up to have an almost unhealthy sympathy for the magical old objects one can find in a thrift store. He loved old cars and would never throw anything out, always seeing the treasure in other people’s trash.” – Hayley Mary explained

Hayley Mary is a bona fide persona with no shortage of past achievements. She’s not afraid to talk about misogyny, writer’s block, or defiance. “Would You Throw A Diamond?” is a vibrant reminder of Hayley’s intrinsic ability to create, transform, and evolve. Also, the song proves that she is no stranger to compelling songwriting and storytelling.

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