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Haiti Babii releases a music video for his “Give Me Yo All” single

Haiti Babii is a rapper from Stockton, California. Not too long ago, he released a music video for his “Give Me Yo All” single, produced by HERMANATA.

Haiti Babii – “Give Me Yo All” music video

“Yo’ OG feel like paralysis, pin you on yo’ mattress with sex appeal, it’s ecstatic. I’m gon’ let you have it, show me you know magic, baby. We can change the climate, climaxin’ got you elevatin’, pillows on the bed. Givin’ you what you needed, baby, you know you want head. See I’m lost in the memory, blind to my vision. Can’t pretend that me and you wasn’t meant to last forever. Love is an action, I must show it. Although I know I’m soft-spoken, you know that I’m a poet. I gotta keep from under the sheets, but if ambition’s heavy, we… Got you excited, be my spotter, I love it when you ride it. You really wanna make me overdose, see, you in love with me. This that Westcoast sh*t, makin’ you cum all on the sheets, baby.” – lyrics

‘Give Me Yo All’ tells an exciting love story about a charismatic young thug who shares a romantic relationship with a desirable young woman. Apparently, he doesn’t be on Instagram like that, so he isn’t worried about the other dudes who be all up in her mentions. What he really cares about is seeing her again, sometime tomorrow, and possibly keeping their relationship lowkey. Later, he tells her, “Can we just be lovers and friends blowin’ in the wind? Can I f*** you like I just met you?”

‘Give Me Yo All’ contains a thug-love narrative and entertaining lyrics that will surely resonate well with fans of Tupac Shakur, Dom Kennedy, Nipsey Hussle, and Snoop Dogg. The likable tune possesses melodic instrumentation flavored with West Coast hip-hop and gangsta rap elements. Furthermore, “Give Me Yo All” is featured on Haiti Babii’s 2021 project, entitled, “Not My Album, Vol. 1: Tour Bus.” Also, the song precedes his upcoming album, entitled, “Trap Art II,” set to be released in summer 2022.

“Tell your ma’ I get her wetter. Hit it from the back and now she tellin’ me, ‘Don’t stop.’”

Haiti Babii - Not My Album, Vol. 1- Tour Bus album cover art

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