Greyson Chance - “Haymaker” press photo
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Discover Greyson Chance’s New “Haymaker” Single

Greyson Chance (@greysonchance), the talented singer-songwriter from Oklahoma, has recently released his second single of the year, “Haymaker.” Known for his captivating voice and evocative lyrics, Greyson brings a fresh yet nostalgic sound to this new track, deeply rooted in his folk and country influences.

Greyson Chance – “Haymaker” lyric video

Greyson Chance explained that “Haymaker” was inspired by a physical altercation with his brother. He shared, “Things got physical between my brother and I. ‘Haymaker’ is a song influenced by a punch, but it’s a lot more than that. I haven’t really spoken to him in three years. Family is everything until there’s nothing left. That’s what this song is about.” This personal and emotional backstory adds a profound layer of meaning to the song, making it resonate deeply with listeners.

“Haymaker” is a beautiful fusion of contemporary pop melodies and traditional folk influences. Greyson draws inspiration from the rich traditions of his folk, country-influenced roots, creating a sound that is both fresh and reminiscent of a warm embrace. The high-spirited, folk twang running through the heart of the beat makes “Haymaker” stand out in today’s music landscape, blending modern and classic elements seamlessly.

“Haymaker” is also a heartfelt expression of personal conflict and reconciliation. With its unique blend of contemporary and traditional sounds, the song offers a listening experience that is both nostalgic and invigorating. As Greyson continues to evolve as an artist, tracks like “Haymaker” showcase his ability to connect with audiences through powerful storytelling and musical innovation. Don’t miss out on this emotional and musically rich single from one of today’s most compelling singer-songwriters.

Greyson Chance – “Rearview Mirror” (Official Audio)

“Haymaker” follows on the heels of Chance’s previously released single “Rearview Mirror,” which beautifully reintroduced Chance and his ever-evolving sound to listeners and did so in the form of a delightful piano ballad. His comeback has been met with widespread praise and support, with fans and critics alike applauding the song’s authenticity and tenderness.

Greyson Chance

Greyson Chance - “Haymaker” press photo
Photo by @littlebrittanyyy

Greyson Chance is embarking on a transformative journey in his musical career this year. Embracing the sounds of his Oklahoma roots, Chance is reclaiming control of his narrative. Each new release further cements his position as a multifaceted creative, earning notable acclaim as both a poetic lyricist and a highly skilled pianist.

When asked what is currently important to him as an artist, Chance spoke emphatically about longevity. “I want to make music that ages well, songs that feel timeless and classic,” he stated. With a chuckle, he added, “When I’ve been stuck on something in the studio lately, I’ve been asking myself, ‘What would Joni Mitchell do?'”

“I signed my first record deal around 14 years ago, yet I wake up and still feel like a brand new artist,” Chance reflected. “I know people have opinions on who I am, how I got here, the decisions I’ve made… that’s all well and fine. Deep down I know that I’m just getting started.” With this fresh outlook, Greyson Chance strides into 2024 with a renewed sense of urgency and much more to accomplish in his career.

Greyson Chance – “Haymaker” single

Greyson Chance - “Haymaker” cover

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