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Gina Livia releases an emotive electro-pop single, entitled, “Hollow”

Gina Livia is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter from Germany. Not too long ago, she released an emotive electro-pop single, titled, “Hollow.” The song was produced by Tez Cadey, who recently had his breakthrough with his number-one single, “Seve.”

Gina Livia – “Hollow” single

“‘hollow’ is a song about mental health. About how fast your mind can switch and focus on the dark. About the depth of sadness and the depth of thoughts and feelings, which control your whole thinking area. And in this thinking area, you feel seen and understood in a weird unhealthy way. But ‘hollow’ is also about this urge to follow through, to not give in. ‘Cause if life is meant to go this way, I will follow.” – Gina Livia explained

‘Hollow’ is the perfect song to dance and cry to. The lyrics are heavy and emotional, but the music elements make it feel soft and heavenly. What else do you want while dancing? Feeling your heart and letting go of all the severity inside of it. Furthermore, “Hollow” is a savory taste of what listeners can expect to hear from Gina Livia in the near future as she continues to release new and impactful music.

Gina Livia

Gina Livia press photo
Photo by Evelin Buhmann

“I remember that I always wanted to be seen and heard. Not in the typical ‘I want to be famous’ way, but more in the way of being accepted and understood. I always knew that I kind of just did not fit in. If that makes any sense. Music always helped me to understand myself, to understand the way I see things, even when I didn’t want to. And it is really true when people say writing is like self-therapy, it is. When I sit down on the piano or the guitar, words are suddenly coming out of my mouth without me wanting to, which is most of the time. Pretty scary to be honest, because some things are just too heavy to let them come out.

I guess my story starts with the deep feeling of not belonging anywhere. The feeling of being too scared to tell my truth, which must have led me to write my thoughts down. I always felt comfortable in writing and expressing my feelings, but I’m as weak as a person can be when it comes to telling someone else how I really feel inside. Anyway, what I wanted to say is that music is so much more than just music, without being dramatic. But I do not know where I would be without it. Like literally, music is my safe place and where I feel most alive.” – Gina Livia explained

 Gina Livia – “Hollow” single

Gina Livia - “Hollow” cover art

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