Fernandez Live press photo

Fernandez Live releases a music video for his “Alibi” single

Fernandez Live (aka Nando) is a New York-based artist from Baltimore, Maryland. Not too long ago, he released a music video for his “Alibi” single.

Fernandez Live – “Alibi” music video

‘Alibi’ tells an interesting tale of a young hustler who has his eyes on the prize.

Apparently, he’s on his grind and expects a great return on his financial investments.

Later, he admits that when people see him they might say that he looks like a sack of money.

He has ten toes down on the pavement and made a name for himself in the streets worth mentioning.

‘Alibi’ contains street narrative and conversation raps. Also, the song possesses melodic instrumentation flavored with contemporary rap, hip-hop, and trap elements.

Fernandez Live visualizing his next move

Fernandez Live press photo

From his own words, “Started in the woods but made my path.”

Fernandez Live is the son of a hard-working loving teenage-mother and a pain-stricken father who committed suicide.

Fernandez’s music is as dynamic as his personality. He raps about topics including spirituality, business, street life, and institutional discrimination.

Also, he’s the founder of the OBAAH (Our Beginnings All Are Humble) Tour, which specializes in showcasing his music and branding other artists while facilitating spontaneous creative collaborations.

Fernandez Live – “Alibi” single

Fernandez Live - Alibi cover art

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