FEMM press photo
Photo by Liam Wong

FEMM releases a fascinating music video for their “We Got Each Other” single

FEMM is a musical mannequin duo from Japan. Not too long ago, they released a fascinating music video for their “We Got Each Other” single, directed by Julie Giesen. The song finds FEMM comforting one another over broken hearts while delivering an emotional message.

FEMM – “We Got Each Other” music video

The video sees FEMM touching down in Tokyo’s Shibuya district. As the mannequins are brushed by a wave of animated magic, their appearance transforms into something we have never seen from FEMM before, famed for their icy demeanor. As they visit an arcade and a bowling alley, the duo actually crack a smile. Are they dreaming, or have we been transported to a world of fantasy?

‘We Got Each Other’ contains a relatable narrative, sweet and sour lyrics, and tuneful melodies. The likable tune possesses vibrant instrumentation flavored with contemporary pop, ‘90s revival pop-punk, international (K-Pop, J-Pop, Eurovision), and emo elements. Furthermore, “We Got Each Other” is featured on FEMM’s third album, entitled, “Tokyo Ex Machina.”

In the near future, music videos for new album cuts, “Outta The Clouds” and “Crystal Ball” will follow. As well as a video for “Crawl Away,” the song that reunites FEMM with their “Fxxk Boyz Get Money” producer, Pat Lukens. Also, a video for the popular track, “Falling For A Lullaby.”

FEMM – “Tokyo Ex Machina” album

FEMM - “We Got Each Other” song cover art
Album artwork credit by ©️Liam Wong

The album art was created by Liam Wong, who has been featured on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list. Also, Wong previously created the music video and press images for FEMM’s “Tic Toc” single. The photo, entitled, “Neo Tokyo,” recalls the classic cyberpunk vibes of “AKIRA” and “Blade Runner” and will appeal to fans of concept artist, Syd Mead.

‘Tokyo Ex Machina’ features a selection of star collaborators from Europe, the US, and Asia: Jenna Andrews, who worked on the smash BTS song “Butter;” John Ryan, who has worked on many songs with One Direction as well as Maroon 5 and Rita Ora; Doja Cat collaborator Kool Kojak; Danny L Harle, who is a cohort of Charli XCX and Rina Sawayama; and Woo Min Lee, who has worked on several songs for TWICE.


FEMM press photo
Photo by @moriyamamasato

FEMM is famed for their girls’ anthem, “Fxxk Boyz Get Money,” which quickly earned them a fanbase in the United States, Europe, and the rest of the world. Their debut album, “Femm-Isation,” reached the Top 10 of the Billboard World Albums chart in the US, and was picked as a Best Indie Album at HMV stores across the UK. Their previous album, “Tokyo Girls Anthem,” is packed with rap tracks made in collaboration with globally active hip-hop producers such as Boys Noize and Star Boy.


FEMM press photo
Photo by @moriyamamasato

FEMM has attracted attention across the globe, and their videos have found great acclaim, with Venezuelan musician, Arca, praising the twisted avatars in a previous video made with Aphex Twin visual collaborator, Weirdcore. As the world contends with the ongoing pandemic, FEMM is broadcasting their own 21st-century Japonisme.

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