Fabio Romagnoli x Rafael Manga - House Thing

Discover Fabio Romagnoli & Rafael Manga’s “House Thing (Radio Edit)” Single

Fabio Romagnoli, a talented producer from Belgium, and Rafael Manga, a multi-faceted DJ, producer, sound designer, and bass player from Brazil, have joined forces to create something truly special. Their collaboration has resulted in the release of a captivating nu-disco/house single titled “House Thing (Radio Edit),” via Transferunique.

Fabio Romagnoli x Rafael Manga – “House Thing (Radio Edit)”

“House Thing (Radio Edit)” is a track that perfectly encapsulates the old-school happy house vibe. It has an infectious pulsating beat that is sure to get listeners moving. Whether you find yourself on the beach, in the studio, or on the dance floor, this track provides the perfect soundtrack for any setting. Its rhythmic pulse and vibrant energy make it an ideal choice for anyone looking to dance the night away.

The collaboration between Fabio Romagnoli and Rafael Manga highlights the unique strengths of both artists. Romagnoli’s production skills combined with Manga’s diverse musical background result in a track that is both technically impressive and incredibly fun. Rafael Manga’s experience as a self-taught and trained bass player adds an extra layer of depth to the single, making it stand out in the crowded world of dance music.

If you’re a fan of nu-disco or house music, “House Thing (Radio Edit)” is a must-listen. Its old-school vibe and pulsating rhythm are sure to make it a favorite on dance floors around the world. Fabio Romagnoli and Rafael Manga have created a track that not only showcases their talents but also brings a fresh and exciting sound to the genre. Don’t miss out on this fantastic release from Transferunique.

Fabio Romagnoli x Rafael Manga – “House Thing (Radio Edit)”

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