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Exploring Youth and Beauty with Jean’s “Mrs Dynamite” Single

Jean (@beljeanwithers) is an indie-pop artist and producer from Rutland, England. Not too long ago, she explored youth and beauty on her new single “Mrs Dynamite” via APOLLO Distribution.

Jean – “Mrs Dynamite” single


Jean is quickly becoming a name to watch this year. Her atmospheric indie-pop track spotlights her blissful yet powerful vocals and showcases her clever songwriting, cementing her status as an exciting new talent in the independent music scene.

Speaking on the inspiration behind the song, Jean shared: “I wrote ‘Mrs Dynamite’ about being that friend who was always flirting with everyone’s dad growing up. I think watching American films like Lolita, American Beauty, & Palo Alto inspired that, and the idea that being young and beautiful was the most powerful currency I could have as a girl in suburbia. Now that I’m older I see the darker side of it, but I still wrote the song [and many of my songs] from that place of hope and fantasy.”

‘Mrs Dynamite’ delves into an introspective narrative, exploring the nuances of youthful flirtation and the allure of beauty. Jean’s ability to blend personal anecdotes into her music results in a track that is both relatable and thought-provoking. “Mrs Dynamite” is an evocative piece that captures the essence of youthful naivety and the complexities tied to it.


Jean 2024 Press Shot

With her inclusion in BBC Introducing’s Hot for 2024, Jean is poised for a breakthrough year. Her distinctive voice and storytelling ability set her apart in the indie-pop genre, making her an artist to keep on your radar.

“Mrs Dynamite” marks the third single to come from Jean this year, following the success of “Magic” and “Blue Ford Cortina.” Both previous singles received significant support from BBC Introducing, further solidifying Jean’s rising star status.

Jean 2024 Press Shot

Jean’s music bursts with eclectic feel-good pop and genre-bending anthems. Inspired by the jumble sale of music she was raised listening to including Mark Ronson, Gorillas, Lana Del Rey, and Electric Light Orchestra, Jean is quickly growing from a bedroom artist to one of the next trailblazers of cool-girl pop, having showcased at BBC Introducing Live, Jodie Bryant’s Discover Live, New Music Monday at The Ned, and London Fashion Week 2023. Jean’s recent win at the semi-finals of The Isle of Wight Festival ‘New Blood’ Competition has put her through to the Grand Finals on June 1st.

Jean – “Mrs Dynamite” single

Jean - “Mrs Dynamite” cover

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