Erika Tham - “Shhh” press photo
Photo by Yoshi Uemura @36NEEX

Erika Tham releases a lovely tongue-in-cheek R&B tune, entitled, “Shhh”

Erika Tham is a talented singer-songwriter and actress based in Los Angeles, California. Not too long ago, she released a lovely tongue-in-cheek R&B tune, entitled, “Shhh.” The song was co-written with GRAMMY-nominated producers, Deion Gill (Kelly Rowland, Miguel, Playboi Carti, Usher) and Major Myjah (Chris Brown, J. Cole, Ty Dolla $ign).

Erika Tham – “Shhh” single

“‘Shhh’ came together off the back of a joke made during a writing session. I remember talking to Deion Gill and Major Myjah, and I said, ‘You know when someone’s cute, until they open their mouth and ruin it?’” – Erika Tham explained

Paying homage to the unapologetic female pop stars of the ‘90s, “Shhh” is a loose spin-off of Shania Twain’s 1997 megahit, “That Don’t Impress Me Much.” The tongue-in-cheek tune is laced with alluring Asian string-laden instrumentation flavored with contemporary R&B and urban-drill elements. Also, “Shhh” demonstrates Erika Tham’s lyrical wit and seductive flow as she puts every mansplaining individual in their place.

“Might spend a night if you play your cards right. You’re a pretty sight, just not my type.”

Erika Tham press photo by Yoshi Uemura @36NEEX
Photo by Yoshi Uemura @36NEEX

“‘Shhh’ is a fun, feminine, and coquettish song that was equally as fun to make. When it came to writing the verses, I wanted to pay homage to the sassy, unapologetic pop stars of the ‘90s. The line ‘your daddy’s black card don’t impress me much’ was inspired by Shania Twain’s iconic ‘Don’t Impress Me Much.’ But with a twist and subject matter that felt authentic and relatable to my real life and so many other women. The rest of the song is honestly just the result of three friends talking sh*t and gassing each other up.” – Erika Tham explained

‘Shhh’ is the follow-up to Erika Tham’s 2021 debut release, entitled, “Admit It,” also co-written with Deion Gill and Major Myjah. The track landed on Spotify’s ‘Fresh Finds: The Wave’ and received positive praise from major media outlets. The acoustic ballad version, which arrived with a video this past November, featured Brian Kennedy (Rihanna, Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Clarkson) on the piano. Also, the song grabbed the attention of Teen Vogue who listed it as their “pick for Best New Music Friday.”

Erika Tham – “Admit It” performance video

“It’s almost like a live re-enactment of the story. The entire record I felt related so much to cars. To me, it sounds like what speeding down a dark road alone feels like. So I’m really glad we got to honor that with the visuals.” – Erika Tham explained

Erika Tham is a mixture of four nationalities. Her father is Chinese-Malaysian and her mother is Dutch, Ukrainian-Canadian. Erika achieved an outstanding acting career as a teenager. Fans may know her as Corki from Nickelodeon’s Make It Pop (executive produced by Nick Cannon). Or from her appearances in the Disney Channel original movie, Kim Possible, and FOX’s Star.

“If you just watch You’ll get what you want. Don’t f*** it up. You look better than you talk.”

Erika’s work transcends cultural boundaries and bridges the oceans that divide us. She believes in the power of the female voice and uses her songs to speak what’s on her mind. With a slew of singles slated for release through 2022, Erika Tham is one to watch.

“Shhh” single

Erika Tham - “Shhh” song cover art
Photo by Yoshi Uemura @36NEEX

“No, your daddy’s black card don’t impress me much. And your two-door coupe still can’t pick me up. Money’s up? So is mine. Got toys? So do I. Both C’s, both sides, and we’re both fine. Boy, when you’ve got your mouth shut you’re flawless. Mortal men shouldn’t f*** with a goddess.” – lyrics

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