Emma Ogier press photo
Photo by Reed Schick

Emma Ogier releases an adorable music video for her debut single, entitled, “First Base”

Emma Ogier is an up-and-coming 19-year-old singer-songwriter from Houston, Texas. Not too long ago, she released an adorable music video for her debut single, “First Base,” via Olympic Recordings.

Emma Ogier – “First Base” music video

Co-written and produced by Doug Schadt (Ashe, Maggie Rogers, Claire Rosinkranz), “First Base” showcases Emma Ogier’s delicate vocals and introspective songwriting. The song is packed with heartfelt lyricism that openly explores anxiety, insecurity, and the fear of rejection.

Emma expresses that “First Base” speaks to the frustration felt by an individual who is stuck in a surface-level relationship that’s not moving forward. She writes from the perspective of a narrator who describes feelings of attachment to the other person but does not feel secure enough to tell them. The insecurity of rejection keeps the narrator from being honest, leaving them on first base. Emma says, “I wrote ‘First Base’ to help me better understand and cope with feelings associated with being misunderstood by individuals.”

“Why I care so much, but you don’t care at all.”

Emma Ogier press photo
Photo by Reed Schick

Emma Ogier is an artist quickly making a name for herself. Drawing inspiration from established artists like Lori McKenna, Phoebe Bridgers, and Joni Mitchell, Emma’s unique sound blends elements of Country and indie pop, creating an evocative atmosphere that captures the hearts of her listeners. Her talent has not gone unnoticed by her musical heroes, as evidenced by Maggie Rogers recently joining her for multiple duets on TikTok.

If this is what being on first base feels like, we like it. It’s delightful, contrary to popular belief. Blissful even. Eventually, Emma will one day take us across home plate as she continues to release new material. While “First Base” marks her first official streaming release, Emma is no stranger to the spotlight. She’s already performed shows in Nashville and Los Angeles, and she recently wrapped up a US tour supporting Michaela Slinger. As she continues to gain recognition and accolades, there’s no doubt that Emma Ogier is poised for a successful breakthrough this year.

“Hope the drain clogs up when I turn the water on.”

Emma Ogier – “First Base” cover art

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