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ÊMIA releases an emotionally-charged pop ballad, entitled, “Behind the Scenes”

ÊMIA is the project of Brooklyn-based Vietnamese-American singer-songwriter and producer, Anh Le. Not too long ago, she released an emotionally charged pop ballad, entitled, “Behind the Scenes”.

ÊMIA – “Behind the Scenes” single

“I’m just another lover you played. Add me to your long list of names. Our story ends here with you and me, stuck in my head behind the scenes. You and I should have stayed strangers. I never really knew you at all. Cut me like a piece of paper, making me feel so small. What exactly where you after? Leading me so far along. Drag me through this whole disaster to get what you want.” – lyrics

‘Behind the Scenes’ tells a painful tale of a young woman who shared an undisclosed experience with an individual in her life. Apparently, she gets a panic attack whenever she thinks about seeing this person again. Later, she realizes that she’s just another behind-the-scene lover who was used for one night.

‘Behind the Scenes’ was written as part of ÊMIA’s revenge fantasy. The emotional tune finds the charismatic artist singing from a vulnerable place, where her emotional confession comes with a side of empowerment.


ÊMIA press photo

“‘Behind the Scenes’ is a song I wrote to create some closure after being ghosted by a former love interest/collaborator. Inspired by the discomfort I felt promoting a body of work we made together while he was hiding from me. This song enabled me to tell my story without reservations. Also, this is the first song from my upcoming full-length album, ‘ZERO’.” – ÊMIA

ÊMIA’s life has been a series of relocations, but the internet has always been her home. From living-room YouTube covers to SoundCloud singles, she is no stranger to making something personal and homemade resonate with a worldwide audience.

So far, her music has racked up millions of views on a channel she started when she was 13-years-old. She is now working with artists and releasing music under tastemaker labels such as ALT:VISION ( an imprint of Republic Records), MonsterCat Records, and Majestic Casual Records.

“Behind the Scenes” single

ÊMIA - “Behind the Scenes” cover

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