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Elohim releases a brand new pop tune, entitled, “Tv”

Elohim is a Los Angeles-based artist/producer. Not too long ago, she released “Tv”, a brand new pop tune from her upcoming project.

Elohim – “Tv”

“I sat down at my dining room table late one night in August and typed into Ableton ‘depressed as f*ck’. I then started and finished what turned into ‘Tv’. As I sat there alone in my cabin, nothing but the sounds of the television and my writing, the song poured out of me. I realized television is a major relief for my anxiety. It is the one thing I don’t take orally that can really stop my mind from spinning out. I hope this song brings you comfort and drowns out the insanity running around your mind.” – Elohim

‘Tv’ comes alongside Elohim’s freshly-launched partnership with GoDaddy for their “Make The World You Want’ brand launch which highlights “Tv” in their new commercial.

 Elohim is Making the World She Wants – GoDaddy Commercial

“Song by song I try and make it easier for anyone to get help. Anxiety. Depression. Panic Attacks. People don’t want to talk about it. So I share it – the dark and the light. The struggle and the joy with my mental health. I bare it on a stage, under a spotlight, and invite everyone to join me. What’s your mission? Use GoDaddy to help make it happen. Make the world you want. Make Your Own Way.” – Elohim

GoDaddy’s new brand campaign encourages people from all walks of life to “Make the World You Want” by pursuing their dreams and passions—no matter what obstacles lay before them.

Fear. Self-Doubt. Naysayers. There is a multitude of reasons why people never take the first step to transform an idea into something real and live a life that is more meaningful to them.

The new campaign revolves around actual GoDaddy customers who had the courage to break through barriers and turn their dreams into successful ventures and inspirational movements.Elohim – “Tv” artwork

“This partnership with GoDaddy is more than just an artist partnership with a brand. GoDaddy has given me the freedom to speak openly about mental health in an incredible capacity. They’ve given me a platform that will potentially reach millions of people. This isn’t about me, this is about opening up the conversation about mental health on a much larger scale. So not only my listeners hear it, but many people all over the world do as well. I have honestly never been more honored and excited about anything I have ever done in my career thus far. The team at GoDaddy has been wonderful to me. They’ve let me share every aspect of my honest truth and struggle with mental health.” – Elohim

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