ELA Lindsey

ELA Lindsey releases a persevering debut single, entitled, “Healing Me Slow”

ELA Lindsey is a Nashville-based singer-songwriter from Jupiter, Florida. Not too long ago, she released a persevering debut single, entitled, “Healing Me Slow”.

“Healing Me Slow”

“I didn’t realize it at the time I wrote it, but ‘Healing Me Slow’ pretty much sums up my life. Because I had a traumatic childhood, and I’m human, I spent many years closed off, bitter, and hurt. I had to learn to open up, pursue healing for myself, and forgive.” – Lindsey told WFNM

Lately, Lindsey has been feeling more like herself, more than she’s ever felt before. Although her healing process didn’t come quickly, she’s okay with that. All she knows is love heals, and that’s what her song is about.

ELA Lindsey

ELA Lindsey

“Age is just a number. Following my passion now, I hope that I can contribute something mature, pure, and full of energy… and maybe encourage everyone else discovering their dreams later in life that we’re not lost. I was a girl who didn’t believe in herself growing up and never had a dream before, and now I’m putting myself out there. Passion still matters, and you’ll find your way.”

The optimistic singer hopes to inspire other women that might be starting their artistic journeys later than the typical industry standard usually allows for female pop stars.

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