Ejay Mallard. press photo
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Ejay Mallard. releases a delightful R&B tune, entitled, “Things a Playa Would Say”

Ejay Mallard. is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter from Houston, Texas. Not too long ago, he released a delightful R&B tune, entitled, “Things a Playa Would Say,” produced by John Allen Stephens of Third Coast Recording.

Ejay Mallard. – “Things a Playa Would Say” single

“Excuse me, baby, I’m tryna know more. You’ve been staring at me all night and I’m tryna see what’s in store. By the look in your eyes, I can tell, baby girl, you ain’t ever been spoiled. It ain’t tricking if you got it, compared to him I got more. I’m pretty humble, I swear, but your man just ain’t me. Don’t you lift a finger, I’m tryna sweep you off your feet. Do the things that he don’t, you don’t have to ask twice. What he lacking, Girl, I’m packing. Look, Ima treat you right.” – lyrics

‘Things a Playa Would Say’ tells a flirtatious tale about a confident guy who starts an intriguing conversation with a desirable woman who has big brown eyes. Apparently, she’s been drinking something strong and playing hard to get; and all he’s trying to do is take her home. By the way her dress fits her curvy frame, he can tell she’s from Houston. Therefore, he asks her, “When we leaving here? I’m tryna find out what’s next.” Later, he follows with, “Baby, my d**k game is crazy, I can do things with my tongue.”

‘Things a Playa Would Say’ contains a relatable narrative, ear-pleasing vocals, and witty wordplay that will surely resonate with fans of Kalin White, Sig Roy, and MikeXAngel. The likable tune possesses guitar-laden production flavored with contemporary R&B, neo-soul, and alternative-funk elements. Furthermore, “Things a Playa Would Say” serves as a tasty appetizer to what listeners can expect to hear from Ejay Mallard. in the near future as he continues to release new music.

 “You know a playa, I can’t lose if I got you.”

Ejay Mallard. press photo
Photo by @sothrowedvisuals

“As an artist, I want to be able to make people feel emotions from my music – to the point that even if they never went through what I’m talking about, they’ll still visualize themselves in that position.” Ejay Mallard. stated

Ejay Mallard. embraces the pain he goes through and transforms that pain into music that everyone can relate to. His songs give listeners a glimpse into his world—one soundbite at a time. Therefore, be on the lookout for Ejay Mallard. because pretty soon you won’t have a choice.

“Things a Playa Would Say” single

Ejay Mallard. - “Things a Playa Would Say” song cover art

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