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DJ Diesel, Murda Beatz, and Hailey Welch “Hawk Tua” Girl Rocked the Grand Opening of JBJ’s Nashville

The electrifying sounds of DJ Diesel, also known as Shaquille O’Neal, and Murda Beatz echoed through the night as they headlined the grand opening of JBJ’s Nashville on Sunday, June 30th. The event, which took place at the brand-new venue on Broadway, was a star-studded affair that brought together music lovers from all genres and Center Stage Magazine was there for it all.

Among the notable attendees were country artists Whitney Miller and Julia Cole, who added a touch of Nashville charm to the evening. The event also welcomed Bon Jovi’s Hugh McDonald and his wife, Kelli, who enjoyed the spectacular performances and the vibrant atmosphere of JBJ’s Nashville.

Missy Wolf (co-founder of Center Stage Magazine) stated, “Having the opportunity to cover such a grand event thanks to Sydni Joseph of Big Plan Holdings, was thrilling, and adding to the excitement was seeing Whitney Miller and Julia Cole there along with the stunning Kelli McDonald who is always so kind. I adore those ladies and running into them at an event like this made it more special. It was nice being able to see my favorite server Maddi as well. JBJ’s Nashville just feels like home.”

Adding to the night’s excitement was the surprise appearance of Hailey Welch, better known as “Hawk Tua” girl, who had previously graced the stage at country artist Zach Bryan’s Nashville show. Her presence at the grand opening of JBJ’s Nashville further solidified the venue’s reputation as a hotspot for music enthusiasts.

DJ Diesel

DJ Diesel banner

DJ Diesel and Murda Beatz delivered an unforgettable performance, showcasing their unique blend of music that had the crowd on their feet all night long. The dynamic duo proved to be the perfect choice to wrap up the grand opening of JBJ’s Nashville, setting the tone for what promises to be a legendary venue.

“The last time that I saw Shaquille O’Neal in person, believe it or not, was on June 22, 1997, at a KISS-FM benefit concert for the Pediatric Aids Foundation that happened to be headlined by Jon Bon Jovi at Irvine Meadows in Southern California,” stated Missy Wolf.

As the night drew to a close, attendees were left buzzing with excitement about the future of JBJ’s Nashville and the incredible talent that graced its stage. With its stunning design, state-of-the-art sound system, and prime location on Broadway, JBJ’s Nashville is poised to become a must-visit destination for music lovers from all walks of life.

About JBJ’s Nashville

JBJ's Nashville

JBJ’s Nashville is a groundbreaking venue, bar, and restaurant located on Lower Broadway in Downtown Nashville. Brought to you by the legendary Jon Bon Jovi and BPH Hospitality, a subsidiary of Nashville-based Big Plan Holdings, JBJ’s Nashville offers an electrifying space full of delicious fares, delectable cocktails, and revolutionary live entertainment.

About Center Stage Magazine

CenterStage Magazine

Center Stage Magazine is a leading online platform that offers engaging interviews and behind-the-scenes video stories covering emerging music artists and legends. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, the magazine was co-founded by Missy Wolf in September 2015. Missy Wolf, a respected journalist and editor, hosts the popular “Conversations with…” series, where she sits down with artists to discuss the details behind their music.

Center Stage Magazine has been vital to the Nashville music scene, offering unique and specialized services to artists, labels, and industry management teams. One of their most popular programs is “Track By Track,” where they sit down with artists to discuss the behind-the-music details about each track on a current or previous album release. They have also hosted live events, such as the “Indie Country Showdown,” a four-week competition featuring the top 20 rising indie country artists in the greater Nashville region.

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