The Most Popular Online Pokies Streamers in Australia

A peculiar breed of entertainers has emerged– the online pokies streamers of Australia. These digital jockeys have had many players running to platforms like Twitch and YouTube to watch them broadcast.

Online pokie streamers typically provide commentary and gameplay as they gamble, causing them to become increasingly popular. In the following paragraphs, we will be looking at some of the most popular online pokies streamers in Australia, along with tips for choosing the best. 

Australia’s Most Famous Online Pokies Streamers

There are several popular casino pokies streamers in Australia. Let’s examine a few of them. 


CasinoDaddy - three brothers photo

The faces behind CasinoDaddy are actually three brothers from Sweden– Anton, Eric, and Matthias Joelsson. With more than 160,000 followers, this ever-energetic team is one of the big guns on Twitch. These brothers are high-rollers, and their betting history is full of frequent wins not just from pokies but from roulette, blackjack, and poker. 

CasinoDaddy is uniquely committed to turning its large following into a community. By responding to comments, the team has built a sense of camaraderie and oneness among their enthusiastic viewers.  

CasinoDaddy’s Profile

Casino Streamer Name CasinoDaddy
Real Name Anton, Eric, and Matthias Joelsson
Country Sweden
Favourite pokie LeoVegas Casino
Biggest win €569,204.80


Roshtein Instagram photo

You can’t mention the most popular casino pokie streamers in Australia without speaking of Roshtein. Also from Sweden, this streamer’s real name is Ishmael Swartz. Since 2016, when he came on Twitch, he has managed to capture the hearts of over 1 million people. 

The reason for his loyal following is not far-fetched: he not only shows big wins but also displays his vulnerability. Underneath the energetic, engaging, and charismatic personality, Roshtein is often unafraid to admit his fears and mistakes. 

Roshtein’s Profile

Casino Streamer Name Roshtein
Real Name Ishmael Swartz
Country Sweden
Favourite Pokie Mystery Museum
Biggest Win $18,750,000


trainwreckstv world cup photo

Another popular Twitcher that has taken the world of online pokies streaming by storm is Trainwreckstv. Also known as Tyler Faraz, he came into the space in 2014 and managed to amass about 1.8 million subscribers before leaving Twitch. 

It’s not hard to see why Trainwreckstv has become popular in Australia. He takes an unorthodox approach to gambling, often acting unpredictable and chaotic. Although he regularly streams gaming content, his viewers can still access the games they missed on YouTube. 

Trainwreckstv’s Profile 

Casino’s Streamer Name Trainwreckstv
Real Name Tyler Faraz
Country USA
Favourite Pokie
Biggest Win $22, 500,000


AngelMelly photo

AngelMelly is a phenomenal character that cannot be summarised in a few words. On Twitch, she has over 200,000 followers, whom she keeps entertained with her high energy and risk-taking attitude. On her profile, she plays high-risk games, keeping her community engaged and interactive. Born in Australia, AngelMelly is undoubtedly one of the biggest streamers in the country. 

AngelMelly’s Profile

Casino Streamer Name AngelMelly
Real Name Melissa
Country Australia
Favourite Pokie Mega Joker
Biggest Win


DeuceAce photo

The 32-year-old streamer with the pseudonym DeuceAce is also known as Jay (last name unknown). Unlike the others, DeuceAce uses a calm and systematic method of wagering on games in Neosurf casinos and other gambling sites.

He creates top-notch pokie streaming gaming moments that leave his viewers on the edge of their seats. His viewers are rewarded with 1 point after every 10 minutes of watching the broadcast. This is one of the reasons his viewership has reached around 250,000. 

DeuceAce’s Profile

Casino Streamer Name DeuceAce
Real Name Jay
Country Sweden
Favourite Pokie The Dog House Megaways
Biggest Win $129,122

Things To Look Out for in a Casino Stream

While all the casino streamers we mentioned are pretty popular, there are still some essential things to consider before following one. They include:

Legitimacy and Licencing

The first and most crucial thing to note is whether the streamer is playing at a licensed and legitimate online casino. If the site is unregulated, then avoid following in the footsteps of that streamer, as there’s a higher risk of fraud on such independent sites. 


Many streamers are sponsored by the casinos they broadcast from. In other words, they receive some sort of incentive for advertising the company. Trustworthy streamers should be transparent about their affiliations and openly disclose them to build trust.

Game Selection

While you may be interested in learning about pokies, the streamer you choose may only play baccarat. You must, therefore, confirm that the individual caters to your game preferences. They should also have extensive knowledge of the games that they’re playing. This way, the broadcast would be both entertaining and informative. 


A good streamer should be able to spark a lively conversation within their community. They should interact with their viewers, ask questions, and reply reasonably to comments.

Entertainment Value

Casino streaming isn’t simply mere gambling; it is entertainment. Therefore, you must look out for those who provide entertainment value during their broadcasts. 

Community and Chat Behaviour

The streamer’s community is often a reflection of who they are. Before joining, pay attention to the followers’ behaviors and how they interact with the streamers themselves. If their community exudes negativity, that is a red flag. 

Viewer Reviews and Feedback

One of the best ways to learn about the quality of a person’s content is by checking reviews from other viewers. This way, you’d save valuable time and money if it wasn’t worth your while.

Bankroll Management

Last but certainly not least, look out for responsible people who demonstrate proper bankroll management. They should not gamble recklessly or chase losses. 


There are several popular pokie streamers in Australia. From CasinoDaddy to AngelMelly, each streamer has their own unique style and personality, appealing to a wide range of viewers. However, before becoming part of a community, it’s essential to consider factors like game selection, interaction, and bankroll management. 

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