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DIRTY RADIO releases their long-awaited third studio album, entitled, “Pleasures”

DIRTY RADIO is a DJ, producing, and songwriting duo from Canada. Not too long ago, they released their long-awaited third studio album, entitled, “Pleasures”.

DIRTY RADIO – “Pleasures” album

DIRTY RADIO – “Pleasures” album

“Our primary goal was to collaborate with all our favorite musicians and producers and then see what would happen. In writing and producing our past albums, we remained pretty introverted during the writing and recording process, only inviting a few key people to assist. For this record, we wanted to push ourselves creatively to write the best songs we could while remaining open to other ideas. Geographically speaking, we recruited collaborators on this record from Berlin, Brighton, L.A., Australia, Las Vegas, and here in Vancouver.” – DIRTY RADIO

‘Pleasures’ contains a diverse, interwoven array of singles which display DIRTY RADIO’s musical evolution through the lens of their irresistible R&B-infused electronic beats.

The likable project offers a delightfully diverse assortment of music ranging from future-house, garage, soul, and electro-infused R&B.

Also, the 16-track album contains relatable storylines, ear-welcoming vocals, and groovy instrumentations flavored with an electro-dance aroma.

DIRTY RADIO – “Pleasures” album

“This album is much more focused than our previous records. We really wanted to hone in on creating music we would be excited to perform live while also exploring and improving on our style (House/R&B). Although we have focused on releasing singles for the past few years. We wanted this album to be something you could listen to from beginning to end.” – DIRTY RADIO

Since 2010, DIRTY RADIO has been crafting a satisfying synthesis of progressive soul, R&B, and electronic music.

With their diverse musical influences, the multi-instrumentalists and producers have been working tirelessly in their studio.

Also, they’ve been racking up impressive Soundcloud and Spotify numbers. Plus, releasing tracks for iconic labels such as Spinnin’, Partyfine, Majestic Casual, and Mad Decent.

We recommend adding DIRTY RADIO’s “Pleasures” album to your personal playlist. Also, let us know how you feel about it in the comment section below.

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