Devan Ibiza & Mia Lailani

Devan Ibiza & Mia Lailani drops a lovely r&b tune, entitled, “We Have”

Devan Ibiza is a 19-year-old DJ/Producer and Mia Lailani is a 13-year-old singer-songwriter from the Bronx, New York. Not too long ago, the brother and sister duo released “We Have”, a lovely tune from their upcoming EP, entitled, “Magic Hour”.

Devan Ibiza & Mia Lailani – “We Have”

“We got all the time, we got all the time. But I’m not tryna waste any more of mine. No. So take me on a spaceship let’s go out in space, yeah, let’s explore the world.” – lyrics

‘We Have’ tells a story of a young woman who wants to get away from her worries and problems. To help her accomplish her goal, she enlists an unidentified person to do the job of piloting an imaginary spaceship into outer space.

‘We Have’ contains a fantasy storyline, elegant vocals, and a slow-grinding instrumentation embedded with chill and trap elements. 

Devan Ibiza & Mia Lailani

Devan Ibiza & Mia Lailani

“‘We Have’ has a chill, smooth, and nighttime vibe. Mia takes you on a musical journey, which tells her story of escape from the pressure of the world.” – Devan Ibiza

Lailani and Ibiza grew up in a musical environment, where sounds boomed from their father’s recording studio, a place where Ibiza became inspired to be a producer and Lailani a singer.

At the age of 10, Mia playfully penned her first song to a beat produced by Devan. The music created was unintentional but instantaneously magical. At that moment, they realized they had musical chemistry.

We recommend adding Devan Ibiza & Mia Lailani’s “We Have” single to your personal playlist.

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