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Decent at Best releases a sugary pop tune, entitled, “Sweet Tea”

Decent at Best is a four-piece electronic/r&b-soul band out of Tacoma, Washington. Not too long ago, they released a sugary pop tune, entitled, “Sweet Tea”, a metaphor that compares the process of making sweet tea and making sweet love

Decent at Best – “Sweet Tea”

“I can never leave you, you get me heated up. And when you in the mirror it start steamy up. And I’m screaming at the top of my lungs. I’m pouring over you we’re becoming one.” – lyrics

Sweet Tea‘s summery sound goes down smooth with lime and a couple of ice cubes. It consists of a relatable storyline, groovy-smooth vocals, and ear-welcoming melodies. Also, its exotic instrumentation is perfumed with an indie/soul-pop appeal.

The story tells the romantic tale of a guy and girl who have a more-than-a-friend relationship. He can’t wait to get her in bed, and eventually, in between his sheets. Also, she can’t wait to hear him scream at the top of his lungs. Their lovemaking sessions are steamy-hot, passionate, and overwhelmingly hedonistic.   

Decent at Best

Decent at Best
The band’s members include Andrew Richards, Andy Rupert, Jack Wigboldy, and Steven Bingham.

Decent at Best is a collective of friends who share a passion for blending electronic elements, live guitar, melodic vocals, and hip-hop/trap. They believe there are no rules when it comes to music, and they love to dabble in just about every genre. Their goal is to make music that compels you to move, and lyrics that can resonate with just about anyone. 

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