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DAYVID releases a lyric video for his “Wasted Luv” single

DAYVID is an LA-based singer-songwriter from San Diego, CA. Not too long ago, he released a lyric video for his “Wasted Luv” single.

DAYVID – “Wasted Luv” single

“While I was driving to the 2019 Coachella Music Festival, I was thinking about a new song, and the title ‘Wasted Luv’ came to me. So did a key line: ‘don’t wanna get to know ya, just to forget ya’ and the post-chorus melody. I texted these ideas to Morgan Taylor Reid and he loved them. As soon as we could get together in his studio, we wrote the song in a few hours. Morgan produced a skeleton track to get us started. We then went to a piano and wrote the rest of the song. I recorded the lead vocals a few days later. Over the next week, we added the gang vocals to make the song feel big, added the intro, and Morgan finished the production.” – DAYVID

‘Wasted Luv’ contains a relatable storyline, ear-welcoming vocals, and catchy melodies. Also, the song possesses lush instrumentation scented with an electro-pop aroma.


DAYVID press photo

“I co-write all of own my songs and I am deeply involved in the entire process including production, mixing/mastering, and the creation of visuals to keep everything cohesive with my overall vision. Much of the inspiration for my music and aesthetic actually comes from ‘80s classic films like ‘Breakfast Club’, ‘Say Anything’, and ‘Sixteen Candles’. For me, it’s all about creating music that speaks for me, and hopefully gives a voice to others.” – DAYVID

DAYVID released his debut single, “Sure of Me”, in Fall 2018.

Shortly afterward, he collaborated with Morgan Taylor Reid, which spawned the well-reviewed “VHS” single in Spring 2019.

His musical influences include Prince, George Michael, Peter Gabriel, Justin Timberlake, Bruno Mars, and Taylor Swift.

“Wasted Luv” single

DAYVID - “Wasted Luv” cover

‘Wasted Luv’ was produced by Grammy-nominated producer Morgan Taylor Reid (Marshmello, Jack & Jack, CHROMEO). Also, it was co-written by DAYVID and Reid, mixed by DJ Swivel, and mastered by Chris Gehringer.

The song is the first offering from DAYVID’s upcoming debut EP.

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