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Daniel Angelus releases a music video for his “More Than You Love Me” single

Daniel Angelus is an award-winning singer, songwriter, and music producer from England. Not too long ago, he released a music video for his “More Than You Love Me” single, which finds the artist facing anguish head-on while dripping in vulnerability.

Daniel Angelus – “More Than You Love Me” single

“You can’t put out a fire if you pour on gasoline. And yet your tears keep falling from your eyes onto this scene. ‘Cause you love him more than I love you. ‘Cause you love him more than you love me. I’m just trying my best and yet it feels like it’s not enough. I know that your ship is sailing and I know that my seas are rough. ‘Cause you love him more than I love you. ‘Cause you love him more than you love me.” – lyrics

‘More Than You Love Me’ tells a genuine tale about a guy who has been experiencing heartache. To him, life feels like he’s breathing in smoke instead of air. Later, he admits that he can’t take his heartache anymore and doesn’t like being alone.

‘More Than You Love Me’ contains a relatable narrative and harmonious backing vocals that harbor grief and passion undertones. The reverb-laden instrumentation is decorated with sparkling synth floating atop crisp percussion. Furthermore, “More Than You Love Me” is a dreamy, alternative pop-rock tune that will resonate well with David Bowie fans.

“I will go to bed tonight and I will feel all alone. I will drift into my dreams all about you.”

Daniel Angelus press photo

“Walking the tightrope between happiness and sadness, loneliness, and anxiety. I do not apologize for this, it feels good to write sincerely.” – Daniel Angelus explained

Daniel Angelus is a self-described recluse who began making music after a difficult and traumatic childhood, using it as a form of therapy. What began as bedroom music has transformed into an incredible career in its own right. Daniel has performed live in the UK, Europe, and North America. He made his film music debut not too long ago when he crafted the award-winning soundtrack for the European film, The Lights of Dawn, directed by multi-award-winning film director, Sadie Duarte.

“‘Cause you love him more than I love you, ‘cause you love him more than you love me.”

Daniel Angelus - “More Than You Love Me” song cover art
Graphic design: Emily Brooks Millar

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