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Curtis Roach releases an entertaining music video for his “Wjit” single

Curtis Roach is a rapper from Detroit, Michigan. Not too long ago, he released an entertaining music video for his “Wjit” single, produced by Wyandotte.

Curtis Roach – “Wjit”

“I made this song mainly to show my versatility. This is just something to lose your mind to for a second and enjoy the moment. I want people to hear this and dance freely in the not so free world.” – Curtis Roach

‘Wjit’ tells an interesting tale of a young guy who decides to do some things which he hasn’t done in a while.

Apparently, he’s trying to kill his worries and seeks to have a good time. Therefore, he goes to a roller-skating club, has some drinks, and enjoys a night filled with games and lots of fun.

‘Wjit’ contains a relatable storyline, fun raps, and robust instrumentation flavored with hip-hop, electronic, and modern dance elements. Also, the music video was filmed at Motown Roller Club in Detroit.

Curtis Roach – “Wjit”

Curtis Roach - “Wjit” artwork

“‘Wjit’ pays homage to jitting or the dance style JIT. Jitting is a club dance that’s native to Detroit. People who participate in this dance are most likely showing off their best footwork.” – Curtis Roach

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