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Ciara Rae releases a sensational disco-pop tune, entitled, “Cinnamon”

Ciara Rae is a singer-songwriter based in Nashville, TN. Not too long ago, she released a sensational disco-pop tune, entitled, “Cinnamon.”

Ciara Rae – “Cinnamon” single

“I’m so glad I found you, it’s true, you got me caffeinated, baby. Every cup is the same when you going day-to-day, but that flavor you got, it takes me away. You’re like cinnamon in my coffee, a little hint of magic. When it gets around my soul now, I’m hoping I can catch it before I touch down.” – lyrics

‘Cinnamon’ tells a sweet tale about a young woman who can’t seem to get enough of her significant other’s magic. “As soon as your eyes open that’s when my day begins,” she tells her partner. Apparently, when they are together, she feels extremely hot, oftentimes finding herself in desperate need of ventilation. Later, she tells her companion, “I’ve been thinking about sipping on you morning, night, and afternoon ‘cause you’re like cinnamon in my coffee.”

Ciara Rae

Ciara Rae press photo

“I don’t usually write love songs. But one morning, I was drinking coffee with my co-writer, Mick Fury. Both of us were talking about our significant others. We came to describe them as being the people that add that extra spice to your life. The people that make it all better like cinnamon in your coffee.” – Ciara Rae explained

‘Cinnamon’ contains an endearing narrative and ear-pleasing vocals that will resonate well with fans of Maren Morris, Doja Cat, and Lainey Wilson. The vibey, dancefloor-friendly tune possesses groovy electric-guitar-driven instrumentation bursting with an infectious disco-pop vibration and contemporary Country undertones. Furthermore, “Cinnamon” is featured on Ciara Rae’s new album, entitled, “Losers.” The nine-track project features her previously released singles including “Good Girls” and “Save Your Sorrys.”

Ciara Rae – “Losers” album

Ciara Rae - “Losers” album cover art

“‘Losers’ is an accumulation of everything that happened over the last two years. Coping with what was happening in the world and personally. A way to escape and tell stories hopefully everyone or anyone can relate to. Now looking back, it was one of the most incredibly life-shifting times. But when it started, I had no gigs, no money, and no music. And that’s how ‘Losers’ was born.” – Ciara Rae explained

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