Cassidy - 5002-0 cover artwork

Cassidy releases a 7-minutes Goodz diss track, entitled, “5002-0”

Cassidy is a legendary battle rapper from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Not too long ago, he released a 7-minutes Goodz diss track, entitled, “5002-0”.

Cassidy – “5002-0” Goodz diss

“You need bands ‘cause all the stuff in the mall cost. I need land, I wanna know how much the whole mall cost. B*tch, you ain’t gon’ do sh*t but tip the law off. Snitch, call the law then erase the sh*t out of your call log. But forget the law dog, but this thing on my waist will still ring even if I switch my incoming calls off. Charles, I knew you’ll fail ni^^a you talkin’ sh*t but when you start to spit I smell a doo-doo smell, ni^^a. I heard when you with Nunu Nelz, ni^^a, she stick a finger in ya butt, ya doo-doo under Nunu’s nails, ni^^a.” – lyrics

The bar-heavy track sends a chilling message to Goodz which indicates that Cassidy is lyrically better than him. Also, Cassidy feels that he beat Goodz in their highly contested and debatable a cappella rap battle during URL’s “Resolution” event, even though the majority of the Battle Rap Community who was at the live event had Goodz winning. 

Cassidy, Mr. Bars is Back, intensified the feud between him and his rival by taking their lyrical warfare to another realm which includes rapping over a beat.

The release sparked mix-reactions within the Battle Rap Community, with some critics and fans questioning why would Cassidy drop a diss track after his battle with Goodz is over and done with.

To answer their question, Cassidy went on the Norbes It All YouTube show to discuss why he dropped his Goodz diss track.

Cassidy talks about his “5002-0” track via Norbes It All

“Just like the crowd was saying in there that I lost, so ni^^as just think that I lost. They’re not even analyzing the bars or how you suppose to analyze a battle. They’re just spreading this false information. So that’s why I dropped this record right now because Goodz never rapped like that in his life. You can take every song or album or whatever he ever did in his whole life and put all of the bars together and he won’t say half of the sh*t I just said on that one song. Clearly, I’m like a million times better than Goodz.” – Cassidy

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