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Discover Camidoh’s Enchanting New Single, “NLF (Breakfast)”

Camidoh (@camidoh) is a popular artist from Ghana, known for his captivating music and heartfelt lyrics. Recently, he released a lyric visualizer for his new single, “NLF (Breakfast).” The song is a poignant reflection of a painful chapter in Camidoh’s life, marked by heartache and introspection.

Camidoh – “NLF (Breakfast)” lyric visualizer

“NLF (Breakfast)” captures the somber moment when Camidoh’s significant other decides to end their relationship. He experiences heartache when she tells him, “This is hard to say but I don’t think that I can do this anymore… I can’t, I’m sorry.” This heartbreaking conversation leads Camidoh to painfully sing, “They for teach me before say nothing dey last forever.”

Camidoh’s lyrics are a raw expression of his emotions. He reflects on the transient nature of love: “Love get beginning, middle, and end. So if e catch you, use your sense. Ma guy, you for use your head before you go end in tears.” The passion in his voice is evident as he sings, “It’s been many, many days with a swollen face, my hands on my head. It’s been many, many people in my DM telling me, ‘It’s okay.’”

Despite the pain, Camidoh finds strength in his music. He channels his heartbreak into his art, singing about focusing on his career and avoiding the pitfalls of love: “I’m just about to take it way up and put all of my focus into making paper.” Later, he admits, “Make I chase another lady, no sir, or make I turn into a heartbreaker.”

“Many things wey dey run through my mind all day.”

Camidoh - “NLF (Breakfast)” cover art

Camidoh’s “NLF (Breakfast)” is a testament to his resilience and artistic talent. The song will resonate with anyone who appreciates music that resonates with genuine human experiences.

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