Cable Street Collective press photo.

Cable Street Collective releases a music video for their “Bells & Whistles” single

Cable Street Collective is a seven-piece band based in London, England. Not too long ago, they released a music video for their “Bells & Whistles” single.

Cable Street Collective – “Bells & Whistles” single

“‘Bells & Whistles’ reflects the idea that sometimes you shouldn’t make the best of a bad situation or believe the hype. You just have to get the f**k out!” – Fiona Hamilton (singer) explained

‘Bells & Whistles’ contains a relatable narrative, ear-pleasing vocals, and a festive vibe. The tropical, Afro-fusion Pop tune possesses dancefloor-friendly instrumentation flavored with African guitars and groovy basslines. Furthermore, “Bells & Whistles” follows mildly on the heels of Cable Street Collective’s previously released single, entitled, “Speaking in Tongues.”

“Speaking In Tongues” single

“The outrage that was sparked when a statue of a literal slave-trader was taken down in Bristol was mind-blowing. And then, looking across the Atlantic, it’s hard to ignore the parallels with what’s going on there. So that’s where we got the idea for our three ‘end of level bosses’ who are (obviously) Edward Colston, Boris Johnson, and Donald Trump. We liked the idea of doing it as an 8-Bit platform game, with us throwing pineapples because it felt like another good way of poking fun at these puffed-up ego-maniacs.” – Cable Street Collective stated

‘Speaking In Tongues’ contains a political message, aimed at the people in charge. The likable tune features Cable Street Collective’s signature combination of thumping dance rhythms, African-influenced guitars, and a catchy chorus. Furthermore, Mostafa Abdelrazek and Hazem Samy created the animated video, which features Edward Colston, Boris Johnson, and Donald Trump as “end-level bosses.”

“Bells & Whistles” single

Cable Street Collective's “Bells & Whistles” cover art.

With tours and festivals postponed for the time-being, Cable Street Collective has their time writing and recording new material. Before the pandemic, they toured extensively, playing at Glastonbury, Shambala, and smaller festivals and venues up and down the country. The band’s goal is to get everyone to their feet.

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