bülow is a critically acclaimed German-born pop singer. Not too long ago, she released an evergreen pop tune, entitled, “Two Punks In Love”, produced by Michael Wise.

bülow – “Two Punks In Love”

“You broke my heart a million times. Can’t count the ways I’ve made you cry. Oh, we’re such a mess, but I get depressed at the thought of losing you. We were kids, it’s been a while. But you still work to make me smile. A stolen kiss, now I can’t wait to waste my life away with you. You waste my life away with you.” – lyrics

‘Two Punks In Love’ tells a lovely tale of a woman who reflects on the beauty of her relationship with her soulmate. It started when they were young, pre-teens when Cupid pierced his loving arrow through their timid hearts.

Since then, they’ve been inseparable through thick and thin, through arguments and laughter. As the years go by, and the seasons change, they still remain, together, inseparable until the end of time.

bülow – “Two Punks In Love”

bülow + Two Punks In Love

“With ‘Two Punks In Love’, it feels like I’ve gone full circle. It’s a homey feeling. I was creating this kind of music at the very beginning, when it was just me, my guitar, in my bedroom. A lot has changed since then. I’ve gone through sh*t, my sound has evolved, but that doesn’t mean I won’t come back to my roots every now and then.” – bülow

We recommend adding Bülow’s “Two Punks In Love” single to your personal playlist.

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