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Brynn Elliott releases a heartfelt indie-pop tune, entitled, “Terrified”

Brynn Elliott is an LA-based singer-songwriter from Atlanta, Georgia. Not too long ago, she released a heartfelt indie-pop tune, entitled, “Terrified,” co-written with Paris Carney and Cameron Montgomery. The official visualizer was created by director, Austin S. Winchell (Hayley Kiyoko, Marshmello, Roddy Ricch).

Brynn Elliott – “Terrified” visualizer

“I wrote this song about new love and all the complex emotions that accompany that experience. There’s such an excitement to being in a new relationship. There can also be feelings of fear based on previous relationships or experiences that maybe didn’t go so well. Finding true love is about moving through those feelings of fear and finding someone who will love you in that complexity. That’s where this song came for me. Also ‘Terrified’ is coming out on my parent’s anniversary which feels so special. It’s my mom’s first anniversary without my dad as he passed away this year. I hope this song honors them and their incredible love story.” – Brynn Elliott explained

‘Terrified’ contains a sentimental storyline and ear-pleasing vocal melodies. The likable tune possesses guitar-driven instrumentation bursting with indie-pop and acoustic undertones. Furthermore, “Terrified” follows hot on the heels of Brynn Elliott’s previously released single, entitled, “Breathe,” co-written by Elliott and producer, Pink Sweat$.

Brynn Elliott – “Breathe” music video

“I wrote the first verse and chorus of ‘Breathe’ at the beginning of this year about my journey through the pandemic. I moved across the country to Los Angeles in the middle of this global crisis. In the midst of that transition, I had to learn what it meant truly to breathe. I experienced the greatest loss I’ve ever known when my dad died suddenly and unexpectedly. Since then, I feel like I have had to start over creatively. I had to go back to 15-year-old Brynn, just me and a guitar processing life.

We’ve all lost and grieved so much through this pandemic. It’s my hope that my story and this song will provide a moment of peace and calm for those who hear it for whatever they might be grieving or feeling. It’s my deepest hope that this song inspires others to breathe and to know what a wonderfully beautiful gift it is to be alive.” – Brynn Elliott explained

‘Breathe’ finds Brynn Elliott facing the tragic and unexpected loss of her father. The sentimental tune follows on the heels of her new EP, entitled, CAN I BE REAL?.

Brynn Elliott

BRYNN Terrified press photo

Brynn Elliott studied Philosophy at Harvard University. But she spent most of her weekends and summers on stage, playing over 200 shows on her own. Also, she performed as a special guest to such artists as Brandi Carlile, Grace Potter, Alanis Morissette, Why Don’t We, AJ Mitchell, and James Arthur.

Brynn Elliott – “Can I Be Real?” EP

Brynn Elliott - “Can I Be Real?” EP cover art

‘Can I Be Real?’ EP is highlighted by “Tell Me I’m Pretty,” co-written with songwriter Michelle Buzz (Katy Perry, Kylie Minogue), which ascended to the Top 25 at Hot AC radio outlets nationwide. Also, the EP includes a stellar series of singles including “Without You,” “Letter To A Girl,” and “Can I Be Real.” Recorded in Los Angeles, “Can I Be Real?” was produced in large part by songwriting/production duo, The Monarch (Kelly Clarkson, Nicki Minaj).

The project sees Brynn Elliott expanding on the thoughtful yet emotionally potent lyricism of her breakthrough 2018 debut, TIME OF OUR LIVES. She infuses her vibrant alt-pop with undeniable warmth, unaffected charm, and a uniquely contemplative focus on identity, self-image, and finding one’s place in the world.

Brynn Elliott – “Terrified” single

Brynn Elliott - “Terrified” song cover

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