Brynn Elliott press photo
Photo by Ben Allen

Brynn Elliott releases a wonderful music video for her “Beautiful Things” single

Brynn Elliott is an LA-based singer-songwriter from Atlanta, Georgia. Not too long ago, she released a wonderful music video for her radiant new single, entitled, “Beautiful Things,” co-written by Elliott with Natania Lalwani, Miranda Glory, and Emi Dragoi. The video was directed by filmmaker, Ben Allen.

Brynn Elliott – “Beautiful Things” music video

“It’s been getting pretty dark in L.A. these days. I don’t open any blinds ’cause I’m not okay. Yeah, I lost a part of me getting hit with all this grief. I’ve forgotten how to breathe. It’s been getting pretty dark in L.A. these days, then there was you, out of the blue to rip me in two. Sometimes you’re falling in love when your heart’s still broken, it don’t make sense. Sometimes you’re still on the mend when you’re cut wide open with no defense. Honestly, I don’t know how it ends. You’ve been teaching me to love again. Even in the worst that life brings there’s still beautiful things.” – lyrics

‘Beautiful Things’ tells a gloomy tale about a young woman who experiences life playing tug-of-war with her vulnerable heart. Apparently, she’s been crying in her car, but the sight of someone she knows makes her feel better. At that moment, she admits, “How can it be so confusing? Winning then I’m losing, there’s not a strong conclusion.”

‘Beautiful Things’ contains a relatable narrative and ear-friendly vocals. The emotional tune possesses guitar-driven instrumentation bursting with a warm contemporary pop vibration. Furthermore, “Beautiful Things” follows hot on the heels of Brynn Elliott’s previously released single, entitled, “Terrified,” co-written with Paris Carney and Cameron Montgomery.

“Even in the worst that life brings, there’s still beautiful things.”

Brynn Elliott - “Beautiful Things” press photo
Photo by Ben Allen

“‘Beautiful Things’ is about how life can hold multitudes. You can be going through the hardest moment in your life while also experiencing the most wonderful moment in your life. Joy and sorrow are more connected than we know. For me, it was learning that love was still real and possible in the months following my dad’s passing. There are beautiful things all around us. May we see them and enjoy.” – Brynn Elliott explained

2021 saw the arrival of Elliott’s critically acclaimed sophomore EP, entitled, CAN I BE REAL?, highlighted by the top 25 Hot AC hit, “Tell Me I’m Pretty.” Recorded in Los Angeles and produced in large part by songwriting/production duo, The Monarch (Kelly Clarkson, Nicki Minaj), the EP sees Elliott expanding on the thoughtful yet emotionally potent lyricism of her breakthrough 2018 debut, TIME OF OUR LIVES. Then, she wrapped up 2021 with the arrival of “Breathe,” co-written by Elliott and producer Pink Sweat$.

“Beautiful Things” single

Brynn Elliott - “Beautiful Things” song cover art
Photo by Ben Allen

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