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BrazyXay releases a tranquilizing rap tune, entitled, “Feel Me”

BrazyXay is a 19-year-old rapper and YouTuber residing in Atlanta, Georgia. He originally gained a massive following on YouTube from uploading countless videos before evolving into an artist. Recently, he decided to take his music seriously because he always had the passion to do so. BrazyXay writes uplifting and inspiring songs because he insists on purely spreading positivity to his fans. Also, he desires to uphold his name and grow more as an artist while making a positive impact on listeners worldwide.

BrazyXay – “Feel Me” single

BrazyXay’s new track, “Feel Me”, contains his personal real-life experiences on finding his significant other. Also, the song gives listeners a taste of what Brazy is actually going through. Furthermore, the optimistically-chill tune contains a contagious hook and seductive verses, making it difficult to cease listening. “Feel Me” shows that BrazyXay possesses the talent to rise in the industry. He brings a new sound and atmosphere to people who tune in and listen to his music. ”Feel Me” represents what listeners can expect to hear from BrazyXay in the near future.

BrazyXay - Feel Me cover

‘Feel Me’ is distributed via Renascent Artistry and is currently available on SoundCloud. The artist evaluated many factors before deciding to remain independent. He understands that many young artists make the mistake of signing to a label and having a low return from it. He certainly is heading on a promising path in the music industry and definitely shouldn’t be underestimated. We recommend checking out BrazyXay’s “Feel Me” single. 

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