Bobby J From Rockaway press photo

Bobby J From Rockaway releases a music video for his “Walter White” single featuring Statik Selektah

Bobby J From Rockaway is a rapper from Rockaway Park, a neighborhood in Queens, New York. Not too long ago, he released a music video for his “Walter White” single featuring producer Statik Selektah.

Bobby J From Rockaway – “Walter White” feat. Statik Selektah

“Never sniff ‘hard white’ but I smoke White Widow. White rappers come at me, make their wife a White Widow. In a stretch white limo drinking White Russians with a ditsy blonde, dumb as dirt, busty, White bimbo. I just wanna be the White Black Thought or the White Nas. All the hate is White Noise cause it’s White Lies.” – lyrics

The Llama-directed music video pays homage to the classic television series, “Breaking Bad”. The video finds Bobby J dressed as the show’s protagonist—Walter White, in his signature yellow hazmat suit. Also, he uses a Retro RV as his lab to cook up music.

‘Walter White’ contains clever wordplay displayed over hypnotic hip-hop instrumentation produced by Statik Selektah. Also, in the second verse, Bobby J expertly flips white like a street peddler. 

Bobby J From Rockaway

Bobby J From Rockaway press photo

Bobby J From Rockaway started writing rhymes after hearing Biggie’s “Ready to Die” album. Shortly afterward, he emulated Jay-Z, Big Pun, Big L, and Eminem before developing his own style of emceeing. While in high school, he was introduced to rapper/producer Kwame, who he credits for teaching him the art of songwriting. Kwame saw Bobby’s potential and the two began working together, developing the sound that you hear today.

We recommend adding Bobby J From Rockaway’s “Walter White” single to your personal playlist.

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