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Blxst releases a music video for his “Ghetto Cinderella” single featuring Mustard & Terrace Martin

Blxst is an exciting hip-hop artist, singer, songwriter, and producer from Los Angeles, California. Not too long ago, he released a music video for his “Ghetto Cinderella” single featuring Mustard & Terrace Martin.

Blxst – “Ghetto Cinderella” music video featuring Mustard & Terrace Martin

“I been lost in the streets lately, but you know you the only one for me, baby. And I know your friends say she’s crazy, but baby, let’s just be crazy together. Kept it 100 from the jump, they could never replace my ghetto Cinderella. Said if you down then I’m down for whatever, long as we crazy together. ‘Cause I love it when you say I’ve been waiting for you. You should know I’m on the way once you tell me to come through. Yes, I love it when you say I’ve been waiting for you.” – lyrics

Taking the classic Cinderella story and flipping it on its head, Blxst is effortlessly slick in playing his own version of Prince Charming. In a callback to his “No Love Lost” visuals, the opening scene sees Blxst getting his hair braided in a salon, falling for one of the shop girls who become his Ghetto Cinderella. Together, they hatch a plan to steal the crown jewel from a gala they attended that week, where they made a successful break with all but Ghetto Cinderella‘s bedazzled sneaker, which was left behind. Helmed by Evgle’s creative director, Mayowa, and recurring director, Blu, the duo maintains elements that feel authentic to Blxst’s roots while bridging the novelty of a Bonnie and Clyde ending.

‘Ghetto Cinderella’ is featured on Blxst’s latest EP, entitled, “Just For Clarity 2,” released via Red Bull Records/EVGLE. The four-track, bite-sized project follows a career-defining year for Blxst who achieved two GRAMMY nominations and spots on prominent Best of 2022 lists.

Blxst – “Just For Clarity 2” EP

Blxst - “Just For Clarity 2” EP cover art

“‘Just for Clarity 2’ is the second installment of a project I put together for my supporters to have an update on what’s going on in real-time. When I think of clarity, I think of being clear and getting straight to the point. It’s a moment for me to vent and be honest and transparent, which is a theme throughout the EP. I call it a flawless four-pack because it’s intentionally short and sweet, but it’s also an appetizer before the debut.” – Blxst explained

The EP is stacked with some of LA’s most talented stars in the game, all of whom have hustled their way to the top. It’s an ode to that dedication and a homecoming project for Blxst, one that defines his role in the city with confidence and humility. Through that lens, he finds clarity in the present, artistically reflected in the visuals surrounding the EP.

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