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Blondfire releases a dreamy alternative rock tune, entitled, “Climb”

Blondfire is spearheaded by singer-songwriter, Erica Driscoll. Not too long ago, the LA-based band released a dreamy alternative rock tune, entitled, “Climb”.

Blondfire – “Climb” single

“‘Climb’ is about breaking out of a bad situation to a better place. Even if it’s only in your mind. Rising above the hurt and hopelessness. When I listen to it, it takes me on a journey somewhere far away. I hope it offers other people a little escape, too.” – Blondfire

‘Climb’ tells the tale of a woman who has been chasing rivers in her dreams. Apparently, she’s searching for what it means to be alive. Furthermore, “Climb” contains a dreamy narrative, pleasing vocals, and tuneful melodies. Also, the likable tune possesses guitar-driven instrumentation scented with an alternative rock aroma.

“Climb” single

Blondfire - “Climb” cover

“I woke up one day in the midst of all this pandemic craziness and felt like there was a song wanting to get out. I picked up my guitar and started strumming. The chorus came and then the verses without any real thought or work involved. It was like I tuned into some frequency or something and it was just waiting there for me. Music can be so strange that way. I was feeling a real heaviness because a friend of mine from when I lived in NYC had just passed away due to Covid-19. It hit me in the heart and got me reminiscing about my past. Good, bad, all of it.” – Blondfire

Blondfire is a lover of sad songs and all things dreamy. So far, the band has toured nationally with Foals, Surfer Blood, The Sounds, and Awolnation. Performed at festivals including Lollapalooza, Firefly, and Summerfest. Also, they’ve collaborated and featured on Avicii’s “True” album, Arty’s “Glorious” song/album, and Paris Blohm’s “Something About You” (last year’s Ultra Music Festival theme song). 

“When it’s getting really hard to breathe, we can run away in make-believe. There’s no end the world is in your mind. And you want to leave it all behind. Who says these walls here are real? Feeling whatever you feel. We can escape anytime. So we climb over the hills. Into the light where no one can hurt you now. High over their heads into the clouds where nobody’s looking down.” – lyrics

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