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Big Gigantic releases their “Burning Love” single featuring singer Kidepo

Big Gigantic is an electronic outfit based in Boulder, Colorado. Not too long ago, they released their “Burning Love” single featuring Kidepo (a young Ugandan singer), via Counter Records.

Big Gigantic – “Burning Love” single featuring Kidepo

“The newest single delves into the emotional rollercoaster that is navigating romantic love and the trials and tribulations that come with taking that kind of plunge.” – Big Gigantic

‘Burning Love’ contains a relatable storyline, pleasing vocals, and tuneful melodies. Also, the upbeat love tune possesses luxurious instrumentation driven by colorful synth work that focuses on themes of love and happiness. Furthermore, Kidepo exerts soulful melodies that pairs with blissful keys and a generous dose of grooving saxophone.

‘Burning Love’ will be featured on Big Gigantic’s upcoming studio album, entitled, “Free Your Mind”. The anticipated project is set to be released on February 28, 2020.

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Big Gigantic - “Free Your Mind” album cover

“‘Free Your Mind’ is about exploring all of the different things that make us human. The things that connect us to ourselves and to each other. So that we can get to know our true selves and live our greatest lives without anything holding us back.” – Big Gigantic

‘Free Your Mind’ emphasizes uplifting, expansive soul vocals, and contains themes of self-love, gratitude, and manifesting your dreams. The 13-track project will feature artists like Pell, Felly, TOBi, Jennifer Hartswick, Louis Futon, and The Funk Hunters.

The album’s first three singles have explored many different themes and human emotions. Self-love (“You’re The One”), Friendship and intimate relationships (“Friends”), and living with deep gratitude for the present moment (“Where I Wanna Be”).

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