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Beth Thornton releases a lovely pop tune, entitled, “I Wish You Would”

Beth Thornton is a singer-songwriter from Oxfordshire, England. Not too long ago, she released a lovely pop tune, entitled, “I Wish You Would”.

Beth Thornton – “I Wish You Would”

“I went to Los Angeles for the first time this year and wrote this song with Jacob Bunton and Mischke, two amazing writers/producers. We were throwing ideas back and forth at the beginning of a session and there was a story about a guy who would always threaten to leave his girlfriend weekly, but never went through with it. I wanted to write this song from the woman’s point of view so she could finally tell him she wished he would.” – Beth Thornton

‘I Wish You Would’ contains a relatable storyline, ear-welcoming vocals, and an enjoyable instrumentation perfumed with a commercial pop scent. Also, the song tells the tale of a woman who’s sick and tired of hearing her boyfriend say that he’s gonna leave her for good.

She calls his bluff and replies, “You keep saying that you’re leaving, but seeing is believing. Why are you still lying up in my bed? Can’t be teaching me a lesson while you’re looking in my direction. If you’re leaving me for good, I wish you would.”

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