Pretty Pennies & Tamara Bubble – “Buddy” BET

BET premieres Pretty Pennies’ & Tamara Bubble’s “Buddy” single on their “Hustle in Brooklyn” docu/reality series

Pretty Pennies & Tamara Bubble are an urban pop collective. On November 13th, BET premiered their “Buddy” single on the network’s “Hustle in Brooklyn” docu-reality show.

Pretty Pennies & Tamara Bubble – “Buddy”

‘Buddy’ contains a relatable narrative, catchy chorus, and spunky instrumentation flavored with hip-hop, R&B, and gospel elements. Also, the song is a friend-appreciation anthem which highlights the significance of having a buddy.

Season 1, Episode 5 featured the song during an office scene, where AZIA referred to her fellow cast member Santos as her buddy.

Also, the song was produced by CX3 Music and it is featured on Pretty Pennies’ & Tamara Bubble’s “Cent With a Purpose” EP. Check out it out below.

“Cent With a Purpose”

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