Ben Schuller - “Cruising Altitude” photo

Ben Schuller unveils an entertaining lyric video for his “Cruising Altitude” single

Ben Schuller is a Nashville-based singer-songwriter and producer from Saginaw, Michigan. Not too long ago, he released an entertaining lyric video for his “Cruising Altitude” single.

Ben Schuller – “Cruising Altitude” lyric video

“Feel it coming through, take it in till we fall out. Pilot point of view, going up till it’s all down. Swear that we’ll just cruise. Parachutes, yeah, they gone now. I can’t get enough, just don’t wake me up. Don’t believe all the red lights. No more need for the brakes, yeah, we’re made for the fast life. Forget the writing on the wall, we were right before. Yeah, the moment got me invincible and I want some more.” – lyrics

‘Cruising Altitude’ finds Ben Schuller addressing how success can bring a false sense of invincibility. The likable tune contains a relatable narrative, pleasing vocals, and tuneful melodies. Also, the song possesses melodic instrumentation flavored with an alternative-pop aroma.

The Ben Schuller-directed audiovisual finds Schuller putting his bag in an overhead compartment. Apparently, he’s traveling on a first-class flight, where he sits down to a glass of champagne. The mood is light as the other passengers are sipping their drinks and smoking cigars. In the air, there’s a feeling of “we’ve finally made it”.

However, it all comes crashing down when shots of plane wreckage are displayed. Moments before, Schuller is alone in the plane as it descends to its inevitable end. But just before impact, the beat re-enters, and the party is back on. The reemergence of the party serves as a quick reminder of how easy it is to ignore our own self-destruction if it means returning to the comfortable mindset that nothing can go wrong.

Ben Schuller

Ben Schuller - “Cruising Altitude” photo

“I thought all I needed to be happy was more clicks, more streams, and more follows, etc. But when it all comes crashing down, it comes down hard. The plane, and its crash, later on, is meant to represent how fragile happiness can be if we build it on artificial things. But also to show how reckless I’ve been. Almost as if I’ve trained my mind to crave a lifestyle so much that I don’t even care if it’s wrecking me. I’ve just wanted to keep the party  going.” – Ben Schuller

Schuller uses first-class as a metaphor for telling ourselves that since we’ve made it to the top, we’re never coming down. The lyrics progressively poke holes in what seems to be the perfect picture. As people become more and more successful, it becomes easier and easier to gloss over real problems in order to maintain that feeling of success. Schuller applies this to the turbulence that comes with trying to build a music career in today’s social media-obsessed world. Also, the music industry is inherently unpredictable. Even more so now that artists can blow up overnight based on one viral post.

“Cruising Altitude” single

Ben Schuller - “Cruising Altitude” cover

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