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Bellhouse drops a lovely pop tune, entitled, “Like You Loved Us”

Bellhouse (Emma-Lee Andersson) is a Swedish electro-pop artist. Not too long ago, she released a lovely pop tune, entitled, “Like You Loved Us”.

Bellhouse – “Like You Loved Us”

“It’s a song about those pure, desperate emotions when two people are trying to convince themselves that they are over but their hearts just want to go back to the way they were.” – Bellhouse

‘Like You Loved Us’ tells the tale of a woman who’s in a problematic relationship with a guy she’s deeply in love with. Apparently, he doesn’t look at her like he used to, therefore, she feels overlooked. Days go by, and she questions why is she still with him if he has eyes for another woman. Moments later, she finds herself in his arms. The love is still there but they just have to fight to stay together. She suggests he tells the other woman goodbye. Now it’s his decision to make if he will stay with her or leave.   

‘Like You Loved Us’ contains a relatable storyline, powerful lead vocals, and a sweeping instrumentation flavored with electro-dance elements. 


Bellhouse press photo
“I am, and have always been, on a mission to reach my full artistic and creative potential and provide personal art only I can create.” – Bellhouse

Bellhouse is not your typical pop star. She’s a trained truck driver who would have chosen a career in criminology if it weren’t for her music. After performing in a punk band as an early teen, she later turned to pop and has not looked back since. 

In conclusion, Bellhouse is an artist you need to keep an ear👂out for. We recommend adding her “Like You Loved Us” single to your personal playlist.

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