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Becca Means releases an irresistible debut single, entitled, “My Darling”

Pop music’s freshest face, Becca Means, just released her irresistible debut single, “My Darling,” along with a lovely comic book-inspired lyric video. The track comes after her signing to Giant Music (K. Flay, New West) and Full Stop Management (Harry Styles, Lizzo, Meghan Trainor).

Becca Means – “My Darling” lyric video

“You were my sweetest dream that never came true for me but worked out well for you. Now I can’t fall asleep, I’m wide awake trying to erase all your memories. I am getting bored of running the same damn circles just to stay in love with you. And I, I am the furthest from perfect. Is this really worth it?” – lyrics

‘My Darling’ tells a heartbreaking tale about a young woman who finds herself crying alone in her car. She’s upset, and frustrated because she can’t understand how her love-hate relationship with her significant other started. She wishes it didn’t. “You hold the key to my heart, unlock the door just to tear it apart,” she tells her problematic partner. “Overdramatic, hardly romantic, somehow you made me fall.” Wow! Falling out of love isn’t fun at all. Oftentimes it hurts. “My darling, you’re not an angel after all,” is what stands out the most in this lyrical block. She’s shocked because all this time her Prince Charming wasn’t what he portrayed himself to be.

My Darling’ proves Becca Means has a way with words and a gift for writing meaningful lyrics. The song is that killer breakup anthem where Becca gives off major it-girl energy as she sings the scathing lyrics in a dreamy, upbeat tone. The emotive track possesses thudding drums and guitar-laden instrumentation expertly blending ‘60s nostalgia with contemporary sounds and alternative-pop elements. Furthermore, “My Darling” serves as a wonderful introduction that gives listeners a taste of what to expect from the 19-year-old songstress.

“I am trying to speak, but you never listen always talking over complicating things.”

Becca Means - “My Darling” cover art

“‘My Darling’ is one of the first songs I ever made after I moved to Los Angeles. I worked on it with the incredibly talented Slush Puppy and I couldn’t have asked for a better collaborator. He helped me bring this song to life with a really fun modern twist on an old-school ‘60s sound. I was raised on The Beatles and The Beach Boys, so having those influences in my music has always been important to me. Lyrically, ‘My Darling’ was initially written as a classic love song, but after a toxic relationship and a hell of a year, I decided I wanted it to be more of a breakup anthem instead. I could not be more proud of this record and I’m so excited to have my first song finally out in the world!” – Becca Means explained

Though this is her first official single, Becca Means (@beccameans) means business when it comes to making music. Last year, at only 18 years old, Becca moved to Los Angeles alone to pursue her music career after being discovered through her social media. Becca has been making music since she was little, teaching herself to play piano, guitar, and production software to perfect her craft. Along with her artistic strengths, Becca’s keen eye for aesthetics allows her to create beautiful imagery to complement her music.

Stream Becca Means’ “My Darling” single now

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