ATM releases a delicious indie-r&b tune, entitled, “Stay”

ATM (Henrik Jonzon and Per Eklund) is an R&B/Pop duo. Not too long ago, they released a delicious indie-r&b tune, entitled, “Stay”.

ATM – “Stay”


“I know I should be out there doing things I really shouldn’t. Like my friends, yeah, running wild. I outta cause trouble, maybe, get myself arrested. But I’m not about to live a lie. When the music go up, I go down. I’m not gonna lose what I found. Do can do what they want, what they want, I just want to be with you.” – lyrics

“Stay” contains a relatable storyline, charming vocals, and a melodic instrumentation perfumed with a sonic bounce.

The song tells a story about a man and a woman riding inside a moving droptop Benz. He sits behind the steering wheel and she chills in the passenger seat. There’s a gathering not too far away, where most of their friends are, but the guy suggests to the woman that they don’t have to attend.

His reason—he wants to spend time with the woman, and possibly take her home. He tells her, “We can follow the good time they’re having on Facetime. So, we’re not missing out on anything.” She agrees. 



“We like to party as much as the next guy. But honestly, deep down we all know that nothing beats staying home and chillin’ on the couch eating M&Ms, sipping wine, and binge-watching your favorite shows. Even better—doing it with your significant other. That’s what ‘Stay’ is about. Having said that, we still don’t want to miss out on any of the fun. But luckily we don’t have to. Thanks to social media, we can have our cake and eat it too…With ’Stay’ we wanted to create a large yet simple soundscape, a place where you wanna stay for a long time and just vibe along, over and over. Just like your couch, I guess?” – ATM


Jonzon and Eklund met on tour, where they realized they share a common love for trashy indie R&B. A couple of years later, ATM was formed. Since then, they have years of experience writing and producing with global artists like Sigrid (NO), Alessia Cara (US), Rebecca & Fiona (SE) and Killian & Jo (DE).

We recommend adding ATM’s “Stay” single to your personal playlist.

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