Asian Doll is a rapper from Dallas, Texas. Not too long ago, she released a cool music video for her “Savage Barbie” single, produced by Jamz.

Asian Doll – “Savage Barbie”

“I shoot pistols what I spend is your tuition. B^tches fake, they switching sides, play your position. Drive the mazzi in the winter, b*tches bitter. Put her on, she cross me once I grab my scissors. They ain’t say that I can’t f*ck with you. You thought I was a dummy so you sat and got too comfortable. Tell me I’m the greatest, like you mean it, boy what’s up with you? Diamonds they wet like a pool, Christian Lou’s my shoes. Smoking cool and soda saying, f*ck the fame I’m still the same.” – lyrics

‘Savage Barbie’ is featured on Asian Doll’s sixth album, entitled, “Doll Szn”.

Get acquainted with Asian’s music by streaming her 13-track project online via Spotify.

Asian Doll – “Doll Szn” album

Not too long ago, Asian Dool changed her name to Asian Da Brat because she wanted to separate herself from a series of rappers who are using the “Doll” moniker.

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