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Ásgeir releases a heartfelt indie-folk ballad, entitled, “On the Edge”

Ásgeir is a talented singer-songwriter from Iceland. Not too long ago, he released a heartfelt indie-folk ballad, entitled, “On the Edge,” via One Little Independent Records.

Ásgeir – “On the Edge” single

“The song was written a long time ago. But it never had any lyrics to it until I decided it was time to finish it. So I went to my long-time collaborator, my father. I told him what I felt the song should be about and got him to write some words to the music. The song describes a man who is somewhere far away from his lover and his struggles to find the best gift to bring back home to her.” – Ásgeir explained

‘On the Edge’ contains a relatable narrative, ear-pleasing vocals, and tuneful melodies that will resonate well with fans of Grímur and Gal Musette. The charming tune possesses guitar-driven instrumentation flavored with a nostalgic indie-folk vibration. Furthermore, “On the Edge” follows the release of last year’s lauded, Bury the Moon, album, and a successful world tour. Also, the song is featured on Ásgeir’s new four-track EP, entitled, “The Sky Is Painted Gray Today.”

Ásgeir – “The Sky Is Painted Gray Today” EP

Ásgeir - “The Sky Is Painted Gray Today” EP cover
Ragnar Axelsson & Helsinki Studio

‘The Sky Is Painted Gray Today’ was recorded for the most part in 2019, in Hljodriti, and has been tweaked over the last few months. The project marks something of a return to Ásgeir’s deep roots, working once again with his father on their poetic Icelandic lyrics. Also, he enlisted the likes of John Grant and Pétur Ben for the translations — a writing relationship that worked to great effect on his debut.

The collection encompasses Ásgeir’s signature emotive delivery, delicate yet expansive folk, and intricate guitars. A more stripped-back approach was taken when putting these together, with a focus put on his singular vocal and the dexterous strumming of layered, warm acoustics. There’s an understated potency to tracks like “Sister” and “On The Edge.” A sense that even in their simplicity, listeners are in the presence of a master craftsman, humbly, at his best. Also, the EP includes the miraculous story, “Sunday Drive,” a lyrical retelling of a car accident that Ásgeir experienced in his youth.

Ásgeir – “Sunday Drive” (Official Music Video)

“‘Sunday Drive’ was written about a car accident I had when I was seven years old. Every Sunday, me and my family used to drive on top of a mountain close to the town where we lived. And then, [we would] get out of the car, walk around, and enjoy the view. On the day of the accident, my older sister was allowed to take pictures on a new camera that my mom and dad had recently bought. But they didn’t trust me with it.

So I got upset and stayed in the car while they went out to take pictures. While I was upset waiting in the car, I started playing with the gear shift and handbrake. And suddenly, the car started moving. It flew down the hill and flipped around a few times and was completely destroyed when it stopped. I crawled out pretty much uninjured. Only needing four stitches on my head.” – Ásgeir explained

Ásgeir’s debut album, Dýrð í dauðaþögn, was released in 2012. The project was the best-selling debut record ever in Iceland. In 2014, he released “In the Silence,” the English version. Ásgeir followed this with the introspective, emotive folktronica of “Afterglow” in 2017 and last year’s exceptional, “Bury the Moon.”

The Making of ‘Bury The Moon’ (Official Video)

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