Anna Sofia press photo
Photo by Qran Zhu @qranbearzoo

Anna Sofia releases a self-assertive pop tune, entitled, “No Negotiations”

Anna Sofia is a young singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Blue Mountains, Ontario. Not too long ago, she released a self-assertive pop tune, entitled, “No Negotiations.” Anna co-composed, co-produced, and co-recorded the track in Montreal with her creator friends: Zach Zoya, Miko, Soran, and Yuki.

Anna Sofia – “No Negotiations” single

“Daily jog with my sneakers off spray painting my neighbor’s home. Hang with the girls, all the girls turned on ‘cause that’s just how I was born. Classy b*tch, so they all love me. They wishin’ that I was for free but they better beg, they better plea. I’m tryna walk out the back ‘cause the front door is crowded. And get in the back seat and make sure my dollars are counted. And getting’ my way should not ever be that complicated. Everyone around me is so easily persuaded.” – lyrics

‘No Negotiations’ displays Anna Sofia’s wit, sarcasticness, and immaculate songwriting. To date, the song has accumulated hundreds of thousands of TikTok views on just a demo. Furthermore, the full “No Negotiations” version displays Anna as a self-proclaimed “classy b*tch” and “natural born killa” who always gets her way no matter what.

“I get everything I want with no negotiations.”

Anna Sofia press photo
Photo by Qiuran Zhu @qranbearzo

“‘No Negotiations’ is a straight-to-the-point hype song. It’s the one song I’ve made that reminds me to be good to myself because I deserve it. Sometimes, we forget how amazing we really are and can be our own worst enemies. This is just a song to remind you that you are the baddest MF out there SO ACT LIKE IT!!!!” – Anna Sofia explained

Anna Sofia grew up performing at her parents’ restaurant and recitals at school. During that time, she dreamed of moving abroad to be like the artists she admired such as Sir Elton John to Tyler the Creator. Now at 18, Anna has accrued millions of streams and a legion of dedicated fans for one reason: she’s honest. Her music represents an artist living in the moment, reflecting on life, and navigating the drama of becoming an adult–with sophisticated, experimental, and theatrical tunes free from pretense and bullsh*t. Also, she sings directly from the heart of the Gen Z experience.

Anna Sofia

Anna Sofia press photo

“I don’t have a message. It’s just real life. My goal is to be a source of comfort, safety, and empowerment for my audience. I hope my music can be a tool people can use to help them find strength when they need it, and just feel comfortable in their own skin. I love performing so much because I kinda forget about reality for a bit and it’s just me and the fans, and we party our heads off!!! That connection is everything to me. I’m so happy that live shows are coming back. I just wanna spread love and support everywhere.” – Anna Sofia explained

Anna Sofia writes with the wisdom of hindsight, and a cynical nature despite currently living in the draining drama of life as a teenager. With her refreshing candidness, she is a voice for the Gen Z generation and speaks of the harsh reality of her experiences.

“For the young kids who haven’t reached high school yet but are watching all the cute high school movies and think it’s the dream, it’s really not. There’s a lot of drama and it’s a place where you have to devote your life to working because that can make or break your future.” – Anna Sofia concluded

Stay tuned for more exciting news to come from Anna Sofia as she continues to ascend into viral superstardom.

“No Negotiations” single

Anna Sofia - “No Negotiations” song cover art
Illustrated by CHASEWORLD @33lifee

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