Angela Predhomme

Angela Predhomme releases a happy lyric video for her “Hug” single

Angela Predhomme is a singer-songwriter outta Plymouth, Michigan. Not too long ago, she released a happy lyric video for her “Hug” single, co-written by Stephen Clark.

Angela Predhomme – “Hug”

“The inspiration for Hug came from Clark’s granddaughter, Scarlet, who could finally hug her loved ones after getting a new treatment for spinal muscular atrophy, a rare neuromuscular disorder.” – Predhomme

Angela Predhomme

“Before, Scarlet did not have the muscle strength to hug someone. But recently, thanks to a ‘miracle drug’, her family members could feel her squeeze back. The picture you see with the song is Scarlet hugging her grandma, and it was a happy day.” – Predhomme


“You need a hug, a tender touch. A little lovey dove when it gets too much. Makes you wanna sing like a bird and buzz like a bee. Puts a grin on your face like a chimpanzee. Like the spin of the earth just slowed down and you can’t quite keep your feet on the ground. When you need to feel that rush, you need a hug.” – Chorus

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